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US election misinformation: What is QAnon and how much of a threat is it to democracy?

QAnon followers have been flooding social media with false information about the 2020 U.S. presidential election, ensuing confusion that is spilling over from the online world into the real world.

The unfounded internet conspiracy theory alleges the world is run by a cabal of satan-worshiping pedophiles including Democratic politicians and Hollywood celebrities running a global child sex-trafficking ring.

At its core, the far-right conspiracy theory claims it is only U.S. President Donald Trump who can get “deep state” leaders arrested in what they call “The great awakening.”

But with QAnon going mainstream, how detrimental is the far-right conspiracy theory and how much of a threat is it to democracy?

Emanuela Campanella explains.

This video is part of a three-part series on misinformation in the U.S. presidential election:

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    Bias Controlled Media telling us about Misinformation 😂😂😂😂

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    Q is legit if it wasn’t real they wouldn’t be going after it so hard

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    Dwayne Fitzgerald

    Global News is a POOR EXCUSE for NEWS….It's called Investigative Journalism, which you've forgotten how to do(or are being paid [not] to do)…Check out how many Elite World Leader Types are "Linked" to Jeffrey Epstein and his Flight Manifest…… "I DARE YOU TO REPORT THE TRUTH ON THAT"

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    These q idiots are are always fountains of miss information..

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    Media are such traitors and people just sit back and do nothing.

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    Guardians of the pedophiles

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    They are Repub nutbags..there you go

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    How is it that I know what's on hunter bidens laptop before the media does???

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    I & J Lopez Zavala

    Why is the Biden scandals not being focused on br Global? God bless Trump for leading the fight again these sick bastards. Trump 2020.

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    change thecurrent

    meanwhile in sweden………….

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    You people at Global must think we're all a bunch of mushrooms: you feed us crap and keep us in the dark.

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    Turn your comments off. They're infested.

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    If you're really that concerned about the spreading of misinformation you'd turn your comments off. Its a simple solution that nobody seems to be trying.

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    My comments deleted. Oh how cute. Can't tell the truth or by god we shall censor you. Can't let others hear anything contradictory. They may think for themselves.

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    Plenty of misinformation on Canadian main stream media ,news, all one sided , scripted questions asked and answered, GOD forbid you bring on other views not supporting the narrative,, very lame stream for government handouts i call sold your soul for a bribe ,,,, cant get lower than that ,,,,in my opinion, LOL

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    Mainstream media on misinformation. What a joke.

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    Ugh so many Q defenders in the comments. It's the strangest cult of modern times.

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    Commenters here need to get off the internet. Rejoin reality

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    Class of unelected officials: Shadow governments are conspiracy theory

    Everyone else: This comment has been removed

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    What's global News and how much of a threat to honest reporting is it?

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    It's a Global Network disinformation campaign. It's no coincidence that you can watch liberal news from all over the world and are all repeating the same things that always turn out to be not true, same lies and trigger words.

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