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US election: Mike Pence clashes with Kamala Harris over coronavirus at VP debate

Wednesday night’s debate is the only one scheduled for the two running mates of Donald Trump and Joe Biden – and they clashed over the handling of the pandemic.


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  1. Avatar

    Witch 🧙🏿‍♀️

  2. Avatar

    from my personal view:
    Economy=>Pence/chiinA relationship= >Pence/foreign policies=>Pence/climate change=>both/ Justice=>Pence/ healthcare=>kamala

  3. Avatar

    Love Mike🎉❤️❤️❤️🎉

  4. Avatar

    What debate were YOU watching?

  5. Avatar


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    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  7. Avatar

    Pence won that debate hands down. Kameltoe could only snicker and giggle through the entire debate as tho Swallowell was under the table." She KNOWINGLY" answered heavily REHEARSED answer's WHEN she answered. The moderator is a Dimm liberal. America and AMERICAN'S REJECT Kameltoe and Bidens Communist ticket.

  8. Avatar

    Kamala the winner! 👏💙

  9. Avatar

    Kamala Harris:

    1.) Actively fought against parole reform.

    2.) Contributed to the school to prison pipeline via a “truancy initiative”.

    3.) Advocated for higher bail.

    4.) While she was DA the felony conviction rate was artificially inflated into the highest in a decade.

    5.) Locked up blacks for petty marijuana use and later laughed about smoking marijuana on the Breakfast Club show.

    6.) Lengthened prison sentences in California to procure free labor for private businesses.

    7.) Was essentially an enforcer of Biden's racist, mass incarceration, 94 Crime Bill that locked up 2 million black people, mostly men.

  10. Avatar

    shame down USA UN first stop betray Africa Asia Europe

    shame down USA UN G20 first stop the war in the world. …

  11. Avatar

    This guy is high. Americans don't award style points and Harris evaded answering questions just as she did when Tulsi Gabbard tore up her racist record as DA and AG.

  12. Avatar

    Pence won the debate hands down

  13. Avatar

    OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  14. Avatar

    Both can each claim to be the winner..
    But it is the man in the street (the American general public) who are the REAL actual loser !!! And those 210K plus who had died from covid19 are just the 'collateral damage' that have sustained this US regime and the political system !!

  15. Avatar

    Ole Heels in the Air Harris couldn't compete with Pence.

  16. Avatar

    Hahaha hahaha lol !!!!!!

  17. Avatar

    who is watching too comment yes?..

  18. Avatar

    Sir u are trying to sell snake oil !!!WE AMERICANS ARE NOT BUYING !!

  19. Avatar


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    We don’t want to give are freedom away. No somethings have gone wrong lately, but if not for freedom this would not have happened. Don’t worry we will take it back, without violence. We are strong we will stay we will overcome. Not giving into one world order. U.S.A. All the way.

  21. Avatar
    Pitaresco Bigotes

    She was a weak moderator 🤷‍♂️

  22. Avatar
    The Verbally Abusive Clown

    Ha ha…good ole heavily biased euronews rooting for the Liberals again. Fake news is a GLOBAL issue as we can see here. TRUMP 2020 and BEYOND because he has competent children fully capable of leading the country in the right direction in the future.

  23. Avatar

    Why do the moderators act at democrat backup?

  24. Avatar

    Yes, it is a clash of biblical proportion.

    Flies represent the worst *vil and personification of the worst on our planet. "Beelzebub" is known in demonology as one of the seven princes of H*ll. The Dictionnaire Infernal describes Beelzebub as a being capable of flying, known as the "Lord of the Flies".

    If flies follow you in biblical interpretation, you do not have happiness, and you will not have it as long as they are present. The fly comfortably making its home on Pence"s head for so long is a sign that voting for Trump/Pence is an omen for the country. Another sign is that Trump gassed peaceful American protesters in order to clear a path to hold The Bible upside down.

    Jesus calls the ruler of the demon world “Beelzebub”. We know from Scripture that there is an invisible spiritual realm around us teeming with angels and demons. Flies come when S*tan speaks.

    Psalm 78:45. "He sent among them swarms of flies which devoured them"

    Psalm 105:31 "He spoke, and there came a swarm of flies."

    Exodus 8:21. "… I will send swarms of flies on you and on your servants and on your people and into your houses …"

    Exodus 8:24. "Then the Lord did so. And there came great swarms of flies into the house of Pharaoh and the houses of his servants and the land was laid waste because of the swarms of flies in all the land of Egypt."

  25. Avatar

    This guy's views are one sided..

  26. Avatar

    She lied to the Public, repeating media statements that have already been proved to be fake.
    Biden is on tv, sates he will end fracking she denied this but we’ve all seen him 😂

    Twitter are removing statements from Pence. WHY are truthful facts being taken down ?

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