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US Election: Georgia's black voters 'voting for their lives'

Sky’s Alex Crawford is in Atlanta, Georgia, which has emerged as an electoral battleground for the first time in decades.

If the Democrats win here, it’s likely to signal doom for President Trump’s re-election bid.

Police brutality and the disproportionately high number of black Americans killed by police appears to have galvanised the black vote.

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  1. Avatar

    George Bush 2020

  2. Avatar

    These people are not a correct representation of American voters.
    This is a foreign news agency creating disinformation. I’d report this video, but google wouldn’t take it down.

  3. Avatar

    Demonrats new terrorist groups 2020

  4. Avatar

    Wow!!! 100 thumbs down already.

  5. Avatar
    Jane deBelleville

    Put Black people in jail at a rate of 100 to 1, while his son did much worse and got away with it. Now Biden wants to go soft on crimes he subjected Black people to do hard time. Just in time to protect little white Hunter.

  6. Avatar

    B iden's
    L aptop
    M atters

  7. Avatar
    Jane deBelleville

    Less polling places put in place by Democrats to suppress Republican vote, because they counted on Democrats to vote by mail. All of their crooked tactics work against them.

  8. Avatar

    Now do a story on David Duke and Donald Trump…

  9. Avatar

    How is it so hard to vote? Seriously. Wait in line, show your ID and done. Soooo hard.

  10. Avatar

    Brainwashed .

  11. Avatar
    shanna Godlychild Simpson

    Black People need to vote 🗳 for change NOW!!!! Come on black people vote 🗳 IT’S NOW OR NEVER IT’S MAKE OR BREAK AT THIS POINT!!!! I’m hope y’all go out and vote 🗳🙏🇯🇲🇬🇧💕

  12. Avatar

    For God's sake, what is this about? If this is pro-Democratic party (or any other party, by the way) than that is total scam!

  13. Avatar
    use Hemp Ropes 4 Hangings


  14. Avatar

    Zero evidence of voter suppression. Stop the lies .

  15. Avatar
    Christopher Patterson

    Damn I can only imagine the budget 😖 While homelessness is on the rise.. unbelievable

  16. Avatar

    These idiots are not oppressed. America is one of the freest countries on earth. They're problem is they keep voting for the same politicians (Democrats) over and over again that have kept them in poverty for over 50 years.

  17. Avatar

    Brainwashed by white people

  18. Avatar

    I feel for the idiots who voted early. Idiots.

  19. Avatar

    So biased 😂😂👎

  20. Avatar

    Well they have options!….They can always head home?……..

  21. Avatar

    FYI – COVID is killing millions and millions of blacks ! Maybe billions ? Because CNN said so . . .

  22. Avatar

    Race baiting, fear mongering pr0pagandists smh.. No Georgia is not a battleground state, it's solid red country

  23. Avatar

    Sky news unfollowed. Piss poor reporting

  24. Avatar

    I suspect billions of dollars have been employed to influence voters against the Republicans and Trump. And these innocent people fall for it time and time again beginning with the midterm elections. It's one of the oldest tricks in the book, after flimsy allegations of collusion with Russia & literally impeaching the President over a phone call justifiably requesting an investigation into the Bidens failed to bring down the President.

  25. Avatar

    Media making it sound like life or death

    Ffs this outlet is a JOKE!😂

  26. Avatar

    Disgustingly biased,those poor people have been completely fooled.blm is not for them they are just there to create racial conflict its sad and idiotic. They are believing the foolish news narrative. Out of 400 million people they are voting for a worn out, corrupt, lifetime talking head.theyll get Kampala Harris, totally ruthless to the black people. Awful person.

  27. Avatar

    If they’re unhappy why don’t they leave?

  28. Avatar

    https://youtu.be/bg1JIXf-iy4 Author, Curtis Bowers "Grinding America Down". BLM was hijacked by communism.

  29. Avatar

    Im a black woman and jeez Lol the idiocy

  30. Avatar

    So if they are voting for their lives does that mean if they DO NOT vote they DIE

  31. Avatar

    Trump 2020. God will disgrace all his enemies, in Jesus Christ's name. Amen.

  32. Avatar

    Controlled opposition. It's not about skin colour, its about DNA.

  33. Avatar

    Also Sky: HUNTER 👏 BIDEN'S 👏 LAPTOP 👏

  34. Avatar

    When Sky News Australia is better than Sky News UK

  35. Avatar

    Some times the "cause" can be worse than the problem – like only blm has line ups!

  36. Avatar

    Blm is a fraud and set against the black folks…reality

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