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US election: Divided States podcast team on how to judge the election

With only days to go until election day, the scenarios for what next week might look like are endless. A red mirage? A blue wave? Too close to call?

US correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington bureau chief Emily Purser Brown game the possible outcomes as campaigns draw to a close, with the help of non-partisan election expert Professor Nate Persily.

Divided States is the American politics podcast from Sky News looking at all the issues that divide the most powerful country on the planet.

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  1. Avatar

    bidens laptop matters

  2. Avatar
    Hayata Dair Son Dakika

    Trump or Biden? I think Trump

  3. Avatar

    If Trump wins again, the sh*t is going to hit the fan. #Trump2020

  4. Avatar

    Sick of seeing zoom interviews when they're just like herded sheep over NOTHING!!!

  5. Avatar

    Based off the swing states, Biden should edge a win by 293 electoral votes to Trumps 243 votes regardless if Trump wins Florida, Texas and Georgia. However I won’t be surprised if Trump pulls a rabbit out of the hat and gives a surprise victory.

  6. Avatar

    Divided by people who can't accept the result of an election the same types who can't accept referendum results). I wonder when they are roundly beaten for a second time they will reassess their approach?

    No, I don't think so either.

  7. Avatar

    Bit close to each other in a small room ladies FFS. Record numbers in UK/US October 30th??

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    I wouldn't mind having a bit of those two ladies especially the one on the right

  10. Avatar

    I'm Boe Jiden and I approve this sausage!

  11. Avatar

    The several hundred people dedicated to stalking my family and myself 24/7 don't believe in election fraud.

  12. Avatar

    Communist Biden

  13. Avatar

    Love how they made biden look bigger and more intimidating in the thumbnail than Trump. Cope

  14. Avatar

    Biden or Trump: Pick your turd.

  15. Avatar

    Landslide wont even come close to the description of Trumps win

  16. Avatar

    The entire media establishment is conspiring against Trump. It's so blatant and sad. Journalism is dead. It just makes people want to vote for Trump even more.

  17. Avatar

    Those Sky News journalists aren't two metres apart! Where is the MET to crack their skulls! Its only equal!

  18. Avatar

    My money is on trump…

    He is the only political I can think of, that has actually done what he said he will do..

    Booming economy (until the virus) – check.

    Reduce unemployment – check

    Reduce taxes – check.

    Won't start any new wars – check

    Build the wall – check 😉

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    All pray Trump wins we cant have a President with alzhiemers

  20. Avatar

    This will US election decide whether the the West has fallen to the NWO (Biden),, or if we still have some time left to fight them, (Trump). Britain has already fallen, most of Europe too.

  21. Avatar

    Obama last month in Office showed GDP at $19.3 Trillion , Trump almost after 4 years shows $19.7 Trillion … Obama debt was $19 trillion on his last month , Trump in 4 years took Debt to $27 Trillion , yet under Trump there was no financial crash , nor did he have to pay for Bushes Iraq war bill ??? its all on the Us national debt clock live online ???

  22. Avatar

    40+ years of biden… 4 years of trump…. i've seen it improve with Trump in power and the media cry and lie.

  23. Avatar

    Australia is filled with racists now. Sad what has become of this once beautiful country.

  24. Avatar
    Mr. Devil's Advocate.

    The comments under these videos don't reflect the polls 😂🤣

  25. Avatar

    This is fake news, the election is already rigged for Trump to win!

  26. Avatar


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    Ben Kenobi 2020

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    These joker journalist are the ones living on another planet. Honestly it’s disgusting to watch these morons on all the news channel

  29. Avatar

    What are TRUMP supporters using for brains, complete morons.

  30. Avatar

    The media is so hard trustworthy this is more bullsung.. Donald Trump is winning by a landslide

  31. Avatar

    Slow Joe, the no show!

  32. Avatar

    That’s no social distancing ladies

  33. Avatar

    Big tech giants have as good as admitted that they're suppressing anything negative about Biden. So much for free speech from the good guys on the left.

  34. Avatar

    World leaders : power mongering hell bound scumbags.

  35. Avatar

    Trump rallies are full, OBidens empty

  36. Avatar

    Life-long Republican Explains Why He is Voting Biden 2020::

    Trump Abandoned Omaha Rally Attendees in Freezing Cold, Several Hospitalized..

    Who IS Donald Trump??

  37. Avatar

    Time to say Joe goodbiden

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    adil jatt 1988 uk nameless

    Covid 19 coming for all yeasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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    China has a 5000 year history of civilization, while the United States has only a half civilization history of more than 200 years. In terms of historical development, China's civilization is the civilization that human beings should have. The civilization of the United States is built up by such unpopular barbaric means as hegemony, terror, plunder, threat, aggression, deception, lies, dishonesty, and extortion. It is certainly the spiritual soul of the United States in the long river of mankind, so it is fragile.

  40. Avatar

    Are there no ambitious young politicians why is it only old men that are way past it? Just shows how fixed it is

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