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US election: Canada’s ambassador to the US on what’s at stake in the upcoming election

Kirsten Hillman is a Canadian diplomat and the country’s ambassador to the United States. She was previously a deputy ambassador and played a key role in trade negotiations, and acknowledges there’s a great deal at stake for Canada in the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

Global’s Dawna Friesen spoke with Hillman about how the last four years have tested the relationship between Canada and the U.S.

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  1. Avatar

    Asteroid 2020 is more impressive than Turday!

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    A Sinner Yet Believer

    I once was rooting for Biden an hated trump…till I figured out that Biden accepts abortion an Trump does not

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    Why dont you just come out and endorse this trump criminal psychopathic regime thats destroying the USA (and the world), you all but did.
    How awful.

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    impression 2020 event

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    Just be frank, Canada will benefit if Biden won the election, because as you know Trump don't like Liberal. And Liberal is the one that running the government of Canada.

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    This was a good clip between Kristen and Donna, keep it up!

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    Trump 2020 🇨🇦🇺🇸

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    Kristopher Cabreira

    33% job growth in 1 quarter during a supposed pandemic is NOT a recession….

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    Omg ambassador get off the fence and grow a pair! The USA is a mess and we have bent over backwards to tolerate your country's 4 year shift show!

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    Not only do I not agree with her I believe if the current government doesn't change the USA will be demanding water . As I understand it Canada has immense amounts of water. I think that will soon be seen as the new oil. The current creep in the Whitehouse would not hesitate to attack our neighbors to the north.

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    Deb trump is bad for usa

    Biting Harris I do not want his country to become a fascist or a dictatorship because that's where we're heading with the republicans and they have their nose up dumb trump has so far that they would be happy to have this a fascist country.

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    Empowering women, the duck 🦆 tape of western civilization

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    Straight From The Kettle

    MAGA 2020

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    Do not open the border! 90000 confirmed cases each day in America now!

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    John fix Vacuummann

    A. Plandemic agenda 21 New world order 666 just something to destroy the economics of this country to usher in the economic reset is out there I'm not saying this stacking the numbers I have medical personnel that will back me on that both I've got 30 years in the medical field I'm not saying it's not out there it's a political game just like SARS was in 9/11

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    biden pulled obama off the bench The "Big Guy" is getting desperate.

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    God bless America! God bless Canada! America and Canada are like two brothers! President Trump 2020! God bless our human lives! Be strong America and Canada! Thanks for the wonderful news! 🇺🇸🇨🇦💪🗽✊🤙! 🤜🇨🇳🦠☠️👹👎🏿!

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    Fact checkers created in effort to reinforce propaganda discusting
    The battle to prevent truth from reaching the people.
    The battle to maintain and push division.
    Divided you are weak.
    Divided you fight each other.
    Divided you pose no threat.
    System of control.
    Information warfare.

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    Anyone note just how big and noticable Trumps signature is over the others? Can you say over compensation?

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    Canada will open the border if Biden wins

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    George Washington 2020

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    A whole lot of talk about nothing, as usual, politics. (sucks) Americans sure rub off on us Canadians in the east. I will tell you that the west is very different than the east, and the federal govt is influenced by the Americans. I am Canadian and want to remain Canadian without the USA racist, white supremacist and violence they exhibit.

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    The best for Canada is Trump, then get rid of trust fund baby. So we can develop our natural resources that current government doesn't.

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    They… Will do as they please. ….

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    Awww, we love ya Canada!

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    Biden 2020/ 😻😻
    //Vot like
    //non voters comments 😎😎😎

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    The majority of us wholeheartedly apologize for the inflicting trump on the rest of the world. Please don't hold us accountable for it. He lost our popular vote by 3 MILLION & many if those who actually did vote for him last time are voting Biden this year. We also have all those refugees he has persistently targeted, insulted and lied about for 4 years… But he's too ignorant to realize that the majority of those same refugees are now American citizens with the ability to vote for the 1st time this year.

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    Roxham Road has never closed. Why do you lie to all Canadians? We all know you are a liar! We need Trump to win! Canadians do not want the CCP to run all over Canada.

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