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US election: Are white women voters wavering on Trump? – BBC News

More white women voted for Donald Trump than for Hillary Clinton in 2016, according to research.

But polls now suggest they’re changing their minds about the president.

Population reporter Stephanie Hegarty explores the shift in attitudes, and looks at what impact it could have on November’s election.

Producer/Director: Natalia Zuo

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    From everything you see on the media yes, from my own personal experience it’s the exact opposite. On my own fb it’s a 6 to 1 ratio of people who like Trumps page Vs Biden with a great amount of those likes from women

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    ha.. PRO-LIFE until born.. a great group of hypocrites

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    Those with a herd mindset think people can't think independent of their peers.

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    a true patriots bulldog

    Everyones voting trump get your cleanex now 😂😂

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    Woman for Biden 2020💪

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    So many dumb people, Trump will make Mexico pay for the border? They'll believe anything. Crazy

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    Go ahead and vote for the Biden Puppet. Oh, wait, you're British, not even American. You don't get a vote here. Nevermind.

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    Why is BBC still a thing? lol.

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    the filthy Satanist peedos at the BBC hate President Trump

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    If the Tech Companies can censor our comments online, they can also censor pornography. Personally I would rather see all of our comments not censored, and the Tech Companies charged for anything online that is deemed illegal. If your home gets raided, or a car pulled over, the owner/operator is charged. Same should be true of the Tech Companies. Like I said, if you can censor comments illegally, take away our 1st amendment rights, you can also police the internet. It is not a drug addicts fault for being an addict, but rather the manufacturers and distributors who profit along with Government's around the Globe. Same is true with the internet. The Poor Know's 4 P.I.'ROES'. 4 Father's know what they have done to a Child of God. Don't profit off of killing your neighbor's, unless you want Liberty to be burned. You think your in charge, God is in charge. God doesn't condone poisoning and murdering neighbor's for profits. Your prisons are filled up with victims of a War against the wrong people. The real criminals were the ones profiting from their Neighbor's pain.

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    Nero-Trump-Mansons SSupporters watch Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 and thought, these are the greatest Utopia movies ever.

    I mean for f🤬ck sakes they see "room 101" as a goddamn blessing

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    Please guys don't vote for the idiot Trump. He will make America worse again, and that's another 4 years we have to tolerate him. Trump is the worst PoTUS ever.

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    I'll never understand why women hate or mistrust other women in some cases. I wish the patriarchal society didn't somehow entrench this, we need the best people for each and every job

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    so bbc needs women to stay at home and increase bbc trp, not go out and vote

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    "She went to the dark side…"
    What the- ?!

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    Have never before heard a crowd chant ," We Love You". Tells you the media's attempt to demonize Trump has back fired.

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    Biased Broadcasting Company. Talk about Hunter Biden, what's that all about? What's he been doing to women, girls. Media cover up.

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    #Gayth2020 #GOD❤ALL "Enough is enough, it's time for a CHANGE!!!" -Owen Hart

    Hey YOU! YEAH YOU! If you're reading this, that means that you woke up today! Be thankful for something because there are many who would die to have what you have! Reach for the stars and help others! Stay blessed you beautiful child of God! Bless Us All! 🧡🙏

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    Of course women wouldn't vote a woman.

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