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US election 2020: What are Joe Biden’s plans for office? – BBC Newsnight

As the US election enters its final stages, President Donald Trump’s campaign has reached a frenetic pace since he left hospital last week. Joe Biden, in contrast, has no public events on his schedule. Please subscribe HERE

Two weeks today is officially election day in the United States – and more than 30 million voters have already made their choice in early postal voting.

While the president is hopping round the battleground states in a blur of rallies and interviews, his Democratic challenger Joe Biden has no events or interviews planned for this week, ahead of the final debate in Nashville on 22 October.

Part of his reluctance to appear in public is of course the pandemic that is still raging across America. But it also means he is avoiding tough questions that risk upsetting the competing wings of his party – who are currently united on one policy: getting rid of Donald Trump.

US Correspondent David Grossman reports from Washington on what we know and don’t know about Joe Biden’s plans for government. 

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  1. Avatar
    Hot Buttered Popcorn!

    The BBC is corrupt and vile

  2. Avatar

    Biden already has withdrawn from the Presidency. Twice he says he's running for Senate.

  3. Avatar

    Joe Biden is going to #SAVEAMERICA

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    Hunter Biden, who is Joe Biden's son left his MacBook with a repair guy. He signed a receipt proving it was him. He never showed up to pick it up, the repair guy looked at the laptop that had a lot of emails linking Hunter Biden to millions in corrupt deals in Ukraine, China etc. Photos of him passed out with a crack pipe etc. The guy handed the hard drive over to the FBI and Rudy Guiliani who is slowly releasing stories. Biden's campaign hasn't denied that it is his laptop when asked and allegedly Hunter's lawyer asked for the laptop back again supporting that the story is true. Potentially huge corruption where Joe Biden and his family made millions selling access to his office. Also, this whole story was blocked on social media if you shared the new york times article your account was blocked. Apparently, they are going to release more in the coming days and weeks before the election. If true, Biden is in trouble. BBC doesn't even mention it. HA

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    Over 40 years in government and he has nothing to show for it but dementia and a crackhead son who got kicked out of the navy.

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    big story onbiden is the censorshipof this story::

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    Raymond Kracinski

    #1 raise taxes #2 raise taxes #3…

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    thetruthwill setyoufree

    If he wins watch America go to shit real fast!

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    Trump is going to win and there nothing you can do to stop it

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    Vote Trump keep America great, vote Biden make China great again

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    Further sell the country out to the evil government in China.

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    Bring back America to normal, and away from Trump's Chaos and Corruption. Support Biden/Harris.

  13. Avatar

    And what about Hunter Bidens laptop and the things reported to be on it?
    If that turns out to be true?
    What does that say about everyone currently denying it.
    Currently there are two possibilities…
    1. Its Russian interference
    2. The head of the department of Intelligence is corrupt.

    Both are stories worth following up on even if both prove the laptop and its contents to be fake, maybe even more so for that reason.

  14. Avatar

    @BBC What is your favorite Harris/Biden policy? Defund police, remove your 1st amendment, remove your 2nd amendment, turn 8yo boys into 8yo girls. Raise your taxes, more lock downs?
    What you don't know about Kamala Harris.
    1) she is against our right to bear arms. marxists idea.
    2) She wants to defund the police. again marxists ideology https://youtu.be/3OWiRuJgtVE
    3) she supports BLM a confirmed Marxist organization. https://youtu.be/GdDFOn_rV0Y
    4) she is openly proud of Jacob Blake, what about his victime? https://youtu.be/dPr6i1v-IGQ
    5) Joe will not make it full term, he will step down, be forced to step down or just passaway. A vote for Joe is a vote for Kamala.
    6) She knows there will be a land slide victory for Trump spreading conspiracy theories already. Same old song.
    The coming coup?
    7) Know what you are voting for, don't just vote all one party. BLM is a marxist movement https://youtu.be/rpLItQnrgec BLM IS A Marxist movement Harris supports. https://youtu.be/kh3rrLP1bsw
    8) Harris husband Douglas emhoff Firm Reps Chinese Communist Party-Owned Corporates, Employs Ex-CCP Officials.
    9) kamala dad was a marxists, 12 minute video who is Kamala Harris

    If we lose John Locke, we lose America. https://youtu.be/cw3y-kXvnwE

    The killing of innocent police need to stop.
    If BLM was exposing bad cops with evidence I think the entire world would support the movement legitimately. What they are doing is criminal and people supporting this behavior needs to be locked up. This is far more dangerous to our society then anything Trump has ever done. If anything this makes me support him more. With my wallet and voice.

    How far left is to far?
    Evidence BLM is working with china. Harris knows this by now. Think about that. https://youtu.be/PSmLqfaJxE0

    Former Democrat civil rights attorney says why he won't support kamala Harris ticket

    Biden's racist history

    Watch for voter fraud, record it when you see it, report it, EXPOSE IT…

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    winston churchill

    He can plan a lot in jail, there’ll be plenty of time.

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    New world order. Eugenics, reparations, federally funded abortions. Higher taxes. Sell out to China

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    Any Catholic that votes for Biden is not a real Catholic ,reason is because Biden supports abortion and in God's eyes that's a mortal sin and it's Murder of innocent babies .

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    Joe Biden could have saved those soldiers in Benghazi. They were all murdered and Joe Biden is responsible. We will never forget that.

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    This ruinous incarnation of the GOP?!! Damn 'em all t'hell I say…Yar Har Har!!…and 'arfways to perdition's queue wit' what's left over!! Let their sons and daughters build a PROPER house on GOOD ground…Clean of memory's foul ash! Yar Har!!

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    First, he's gonna see if his copy of The Sorcerer's Stone is still on the Oval bookshelf after he left it to test if Trump even looks at books.

  21. Avatar

    We know Biden is going to ban fracking and he will not ban fracking

  22. Avatar

    Other than forgery, fraud, treason? not much more

  23. Avatar

    BBC made this clip to sound like Biden will or already won the election!!!
    BBC should put these issues up and ask voters to think before they vote…
    And not to state before the election that Biden now in office has some issues!!!
    Very clever clip!!!
    You point issues with Biden but you presume he won the election…

  24. Avatar

    "For many Americans, the fact that he's not Donald Trump is enough to win their vote" LOL
    I am one of those Americans!
    But seriously, we sort of know Biden, he was vice president for eight years under Obama, so he's far from an unknown. I'd argue that even Trump had less scrutiny before his election to the presidency…..perhaps if there'd have been more he wouldn't have been elected!
    Not sure Biden has had the least scrutiny prior to being elected of any candidate, ever….and to that end, I hope we can get back to not talking in outrageous hyperbole, which is all Trump talks in.

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