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US Election 2020: Trump's border wall and the battle over immigration – BBC News

With a week to go until the US presidential election, more than 60 million Americans have already taken advantage of early voting, smashing all records.

Throughout this week in a series of special reports, Clive Myrie will be looking at some of the key issues uppermost in voters’ minds as they cast their ballots.

He begins with illegal immigration and Donald Trump’s signature promise to build a wall along the border with Mexico.

Will that promise help or hinder his attempt to win four more years?

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  1. Avatar

    This url link shows Trump is a traitor

  2. Avatar

    Is this another Joe Biden campaign ad from the BBC?

  3. Avatar

    I see alot of people on here making claims of legality…. Well, was it "legal" to steal this land from Native Americans? Was it ok to force Africans into lives of slavery because it was "Legal"? God forbid that we need to cross the border into Mexico one day. I too want immigration reform but we gotta stop acting like heartless hypocrites.

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    BBC The Laptop From Hell???
    No you only push letftie soy sjw BLM bs…..or Orange Man Bad :-/

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    Blah, blah, blah

  6. Avatar

    Incoming Trumpies whingeing at Bbc…

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    BBC your trash. You are Biden's puppet. The hypocrisy of the utter trash that comes from you. You cry about walls while you look at your Queen inside her walled palace. You are comfortable on your tiny island while our nation is invaded by criminal, rapists, and drugs. We Americans need this wall for the protection of our loved ones. Why don't you report on the rapists coming over and raping our women?! You are complete trash.

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    Go TRUMP M.A.G.A this is great… https://youtu.be/jJDXj6-54wE pmsl

  10. Avatar

    Trump adopted the Obama policy on cages and child separation. Trump changed it

  11. Avatar

    Stop lying to the world BBC. Trumps wall is one of the greatest gifts to citizens. It isn’t a betrayal. Go to the US the correct way!!

  12. Avatar

    Show the drugs, the child trafficking, the cartels. The BBC is the enemy of truth and the people

  13. Avatar

    Trump Dub Song. Get the vote out. Get the man out. Listen, like, tweet, share.

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    BIDEN sabotaged Bernie to stop MEDICARE FOR ALL & we can't have that. If Trump tries to build his wall we'll be there to protest & fight against Guns&Borders to protect PALENESS! ✊

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    ಕೆ .ಆರ್ .ಗೌಡ CFO

    I hate BBC

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    BBC – Big Butt Crack

  19. Avatar

    Obama wanted to build a new wall but the liberals wont tell you that.

  20. Avatar

    Build that wall and send them back, 450 miles built already, promise made promises kept.
    TRUMP2020 🇬🇧🇺🇲✊🏻

  21. Avatar

    Crossing the border illegally isn't a crime.
    – Cow Farts Cortez.

    TRUMP2020 🇬🇧🇺🇲✊🏻

  22. Avatar

    Walls are bad!
    Coming from politicians who live in gated communities.

  23. Avatar

    A country where prison business is supported by the people in power, worst is yet to come.

  24. Avatar

    Lets not mention there is a legal port of entry while pointing the finger from an island linked to mainland Europe by an electrified tunnel.

  25. Avatar

    BBC report on this… BLM Riots ERUPT In Philly, BLM RAMS Row Of Cops With Truck Running Over Cop https://youtu.be/jH3vdcJ0LNc
    So you run at Cops with a knife, what do think would happen?
    The person with knife wins $4000
    The person with knife gets a hug?
    The person with knife gets shot?

  26. Avatar

    The Obama/Biden Administration built those cages.

  27. Avatar

    The southern border wall is making a significant difference to deter human smugglers

  28. Avatar

    UK has the same problem with their border when illegal African migrants attempt to sneak in, the BBC rarely have to report on refugees hiding on top of trucks

  29. Avatar

    This presenter has no clue what America is and has deliberately targeted a load of odd people.

  30. Avatar

    I remember last year when a caravan full of Vietnamese illegals froze to death hiding in a meat packing truck heading to the UK

  31. Avatar

    Who build the cage???????

  32. Avatar

    I have no problem with legal immigration. People should use legal avenues to make the safe journey instead of trying to cheat the system by illegally jumping the border.

  33. Avatar

    What about the walls of money around top BBC presenters why aren't they helping these people?

  34. Avatar

    Then go thru border crossing normally or take flight

  35. Avatar

    Sooo fences are a stupid idea in their context.
    Lets take down every fence or wall in America.

  36. Avatar

    Can afford paying illegal crossing agents but not flight ticket . Food for thought

  37. Avatar

    Funny how the BBC only managed to find Democrat supporting, Trump hating, Americans. Lol. And the BBC mentions the policy of removing parents from children, when they have illegally entered the country. They don't ask, "who built the cages"?! That's because it was the BBC hero, Obama.

  38. Avatar

    When’s Gary lineker adopting them bbc?

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    No mention of the riots in Philadelphia last night BBC?! i wonder why that might be?! 🤔

  41. Avatar

    I wonder if this will be a negative story about Trump?

  42. Avatar

    More Liberal bollocks from the bised beeb. 😂

  43. Avatar

    Still waiting for Mexico to pay for the wall. Will put it on the large list of unfulfilled Trump promises.

  44. Avatar

    Lol what a waste of money that wall was not only is it not finished its weak, America paid for it lol plus people were locked up for stealing money American citizens but we still love u president of the divided states of America sorry Amerikkka.

  45. Avatar

    you should go to mc allen texas and see the narco, human trafficking and gang violence spill over into america from mexico. the liberal media people all live in larchmont ny and greenwich, ct. to them southern border security is a talking point to help get joe biden elected.

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