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US Election 2020: Trump supporters show Biden winning Pennsylvania won't be as easy as polls say

In the United States there are just 9 days to go until the Presidential election.

Pennsylvania is a key battleground state and helped secure Donald Trump’s victory four years ago.

Joe Biden is ahead in the latest polls, but democrats are still working hard to recapture the working class voters who abandoned the party four years ago.

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  1. Avatar

    Joe is a lying crook!

  2. Avatar

    Dems always say they feed the poor..I feel what Trump is doing, why keep them poor give them jobs so they can stand on their own.

  3. Avatar

    Tucker Carlson 2024

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    Donald Trump is so FALSE.

  6. Avatar

    SKY SOCIALIST NEWS TRY gtv.org for all the Biden videos emails texts

  7. Avatar

    Florida, Arizona and Ohio will all be blue!

  8. Avatar

    But the polls show Biden has a massive lead… cmon man, the silent majority is about to show up with a red wave!!

  9. Avatar

    I’m so tired of hearing Biden and his running mate Kamala was loser telling us we are living in a systemic Black Country. Who says that, the Democrats and their candidates. When they don’t like someone, that’s the first thing they use. I don’t feel that way and my friends don’t as well
    . They use it on President Trump but he has don’t more for them bc he wanted to than Obama , who should have helped them much more. He was too interested in entertaining the celebrities than doing big things for the citizens.

  10. Avatar

    LETS GOOOO MAGA 20200000

  11. Avatar

    The US INTEGRITY, NATIONAL SECURITY, ECONOMY AND OTHER INTERESTS IS AT STAKE IF Biden is elected as president who is dangerously PRUNED TO BLACKMAIL or will be forced to give back special favors. Corrupt BIDEN CAN"T SAY NO BECAUSE HIS HANDS ARE TIED TO IMPLEMENT THE US POLICIES because BIDEN and his family received a lot of favors from US NEMESIS and beholden to China, Iran, Russia ,hostile countries, big tech groups and the media…..

  12. Avatar

    Remember 2008 and the Great Recession that the republicans put us into. Everything collapsed, out whole economy shut down. And the a long war. Remember how hard it was to get a job. Remember, the housing market collapsed, banks, etc. don’t forget. Obama and Biden saved America and didn’t complain or whine about it. They went to work.

  13. Avatar

    Vote Biden. Vote sanity.

  14. Avatar

    Haha now I understand why they said people come for free pumpkin not Biden :))))

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    Our only home is earth. We need a clean home. We need resources to better mankind. We need not to waste. Save the planet. Vote Biden

  17. Avatar

    Maine loves TRUMP

  18. Avatar

    Biden had only 50 or so people at his "rally". Don't make it sound it is close.

  19. Avatar
    Rachel naor roitman

    225k dead Americans from Trump's evil careless pandemic response. Voting for him is basically voting for the satan himself that walks around killing poor Americans with his trump-virus. Only sick immoral people can vote for a liar covidiot in cheat Trumpokiller. Wake up America and put this criminal in jail! So sad to see such good people support such an evil man in the middle of a deadly pandemic made worse by this useless careless heartless president. Go Joe save our land!

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