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US election 2020: Trump and Biden face voters' questions – BBC News

In place of the cancelled second presidential debate, US President Donald Trump and his rival former vice-president Joe Biden took part in separate televised events.

The men answered voters’ questions on everything from Covid to QAnon, taxes, and policing.

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    America is fucked

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    The Biden puppet will not be on charge. The radical left will take over

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    If being a millionaire is stupid. So be it!

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    Please vote for this clown … He is funny & stupid 😂🤣

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    These politics are more of a crappy reality T.V show than anything honestly

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    Micheal James Farrell

    The hosebag "moderator" hogged the time by doing a coffee shop/ gin mill "debate" with President Trump. Ridiculous garbage.

  9. Avatar

    Fair and balanced… 🙄

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    Biden is decent .

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    This i is not real BBC its Pedo's channel!!!
    I hope they go to jail ASAP

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    lee harry entwistle

    it won't mean shit who you vote for or who wins, the richest will get richer and the rest stay the same if lucky, just pick a side and play the game, america is being played

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    Trump doesn’t know……..

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    This isn't very hard to figure out. In March the whole country was scared to death. A major city in China was shut down and there was film of citizens being dragged from their apartments by police, Wall Street was due for a peak and the super rich's pockets were full. A pull back would make a great buying opportunity and a few trillion dollars wasn't going to hurt anybody with the fed going 0 coupon. Unfortunately back in March the only sticking point was State budgets and the GOP wasn't going to budge so Nancy told the governors to step back and made a promise she would fill the state coffers after the next election. Now she finds they can't wait that long. The GOP has 21 days before it is gone forever thanks to Donnie and Mitch. Mnuchin/Ross and Park Ave. friends are foreclosing and buying up bankruptcies by the thousands so the stall tactics gave them a bigger payday than 2008. It's so obvious and I deliver groceries, imagine what smart folks know eh?https://youtu.be/OGaN94wTrvY

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    How is it that America is a country of over 300,000 people and this is the best they can throw up? Joe "running for the Senate" Biden and Donald "taxes, what taxes?" Trump.

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    This news is very #good.


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    I can't stand him Trump he's all bullshit lies lies lies . Yeah he knows and if he doesn't now Russian money or around the world he should not be the PRESIDENT . he SUCKS and doesn't care about no one but himself . P.S scum bag

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    Hey joe can you get me a job making 50 thousand a month and yes I'll give half back to pop. Hunter and I will smoke some crack and hang out
    with the human traffickers so let me know. we'll be in china doing the 150 thousand shopping spree and yes the woman to your right is your wife
    and your running for president not the senate. God Bless … can I say that?

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    BBC is clearly one sided in the presentation. I imagine they are sooo mad that MAJORITY Americans will vote for Trump.
    Keep putting out the propaganda, it is working, more Americans are waking up every day!
    VOTE 20. pretty sure after elections the USA will be attacked by the isis cells and liberal pawns. I am an overcomer in Christ Jesus!

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