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US Election 2020: Martin Luther King III on 'destructive' Trump

The eldest son of Martin Luther King Jr talks about the upcoming US election as he tries to fulfil his father’s vision for America.

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  2. Avatar

    Nobody asked for his opinion. Nobody cares about what celebrities think. Trump will beat Biden.

  3. Avatar

    Brings shame upon MLK

  4. Avatar

    Fake is fake. And this is fake.

  5. Avatar

    How many building and cops has trump devastated? now do BLM….

  6. Avatar

    Not a bright man

  7. Avatar

    I wish and pray for your success Mr President Trump sir

  8. Avatar
    Massachusetts Militia

    This guys way off base! Trump is not racist this guys a paid stooge shaming MLKs legacy shame on him!

  9. Avatar
    Abyssopelagic Acatalepsy

    This man has betrayed the legacy of his ancestor. He should be arrested!

  10. Avatar

    Sky news bias getting boring

  11. Avatar

    Sky are on one today with the anti trump propaganda.

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar
    Aidan William Halliday

    Who ever this women is it is her and her kind who are helping the Marxist coup gather momentum through out the western world. And this bloke is a moron.

  14. Avatar
    Thousand thoughts Music

    Living proof that money can buy everything

  15. Avatar

    Asslam o Allaikum everyone

    Visit above link for watching Q&A Sessions of famous Scholar Dr Zakir Naik.

  16. Avatar

    where's your mask fatty?

  17. Avatar

    Martin Luther King was a degenerate communist

  18. Avatar

    All I know is I'm much better off now than I was under Obama/Biden.

  19. Avatar

    This apple fell far from the tree.

  20. Avatar

    Well Trump has fought against poisonous Critical Race Theory which goes against everything MLK stood for.

  21. Avatar

    Smash that Dislike button ! More fake & bias news from SKY

  22. Avatar

    Trump is not a "racist."
    Larry Elder: https://youtu.be/gZw4pNdWXpc

    How Racist is Trump Towards Black Americans?

    Trump was honored in the 80's & 90's for working with minorities & organizations that supported equality.

    Jesse Jackson Praised Trump*

  23. Avatar

    Globalists say trump is racist not world . Sky nesws is fake news

  24. Avatar

    This guy is a “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”! This division and hatred has been going on for nearly 4 full years not because of Trump but because of the final 2016 Presidential debate induced rhetoric from Hillary Clinton against Trump and his supporters.

  25. Avatar

    Disgraceful. False. Fake news – what proof?

  26. Avatar

    He cares about the world ? Hummmm, how about the U.S.A

  27. Avatar

    What a brave and forward thinking man his father was

  28. Avatar

    He is a CNN fan, he should check the facts first!

  29. Avatar


  30. Avatar

    58 Muslim countries Boycott france 🇫🇷 products Boycott

  31. Avatar

    He lowered taxes for low income earners..if anyone does this I would vote for them..end of. The media hasn't given him fairness and take his words out of context. It's been 4 years and there has been no genocide or anything like they said..this is why he will get 4 more years..

  32. Avatar

    If racists make a difference in election s..why did Obama have 8 years,?

  33. Avatar

    Hes racist? please show us when and how..without taking anything out of context

  34. Avatar
    adil jatt 1988 uk nameless

    As all visions 2 be turned off shortly it 2 appear 2 all at once yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssassssssss

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