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US Election 2020: Inside a Pennsylvania church with AR-15 rifles for Christian voters

The leader of the Pennsylvania church where they pray next to their AR-15 rifles explains why he hopes for a victory for President Trump.

It is a new church built after the Pastor’s father passed away and now aims to attract Americans who embrace Christian nationalism and second amendment rights.

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  1. Avatar

    Why he were crown ? He is not king or prence ???

  2. Avatar

    And no body were mask only the lady ask question 🎤

  3. Avatar

    God loves a fighter! Victory in the Lord!

  4. Avatar

    What is humanity?

  5. Avatar
    Munyaradzi Zinyama

    Not the first time humans have used religion for evil. I'm Christian. This is not christianity .

  6. Avatar

    They was kangz y'all! 👑😆

  7. Avatar

    "American Worshippers"

    *Correction, They worship America! Not God.

  8. Avatar

    This civil war is going to be sooooooo fun to watch I can’t wait. Love from Iraq!! sent via the new shipping company

    Karma is a b&@&tch LTD

  9. Avatar

    This church needs God

  10. Avatar

    They're all batshit crazy, and a prime example of what's fundamentally (pun intended) wrong with America today.

  11. Avatar

    This is until someone goes to chuch with their gun loaded

  12. Avatar

    NPC. RUN. GODANDGUNS BAD.EXE. A little strange but they're not doing anything illegal or unlawful. Good neighbour's to have when the shtf.

  13. Avatar


  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    Haha how can this even call a church?! More of a cult organization Control by Q and clown Trump. 🤣😂

  16. Avatar

    Lol imagine if this was a mosque, the comments will be VERY different.

  17. Avatar

    Stupid, religious and armed. What a combination 😂

  18. Avatar
    Christopher Harris


  19. Avatar

    We are tired of political crime families getting fat and rich by doling out our hard earned tax dollars to their "friends" in other nations. The Clinton family, the Biden family, the Bush family, the Pelosi family, the Cuomo family. We want a democratic republic with equal justice under the law. Not Democrat and Republican graft machines who dispense unequal justice under a Deep State. We need more citizen politicians and less lifelong politicians. #Blexit #WalkAway

  20. Avatar

    What the hell is this?

  21. Avatar

    This group is very fringe and a hopeless attempt to link them to Donald Trump.

  22. Avatar

    Welcome to religion in America exposed🤣

  23. Avatar

    Free speech, free association and 2A all the way, baby. God bless America.

  24. Avatar

    Wtf is this Mickey Mouse horse****?

  25. Avatar

    I love a good cult.

  26. Avatar
    Mr & Mrs Projects & Adventures

    As if we need anymore evidence America is messed up, but thanks sky news for this insight into a right wing Trump believing cult.

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