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US election 2020: Fly steals the show at vice-presidential debate – BBC News

An unlikely candidate made an appearance on stage in Utah, when a fly interrupted the vice-presidential debate and landed on Mike Pence.

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    أختكم من اليمن , أبي متوفي من 3سنة بسبب الحرب وعندي 4أخوات وحالنا يعلم الله فيه واني متكفلة فيهم , واني الان قمت بعمل قناة وربما أربح منها لكن ينقصني الكثير من المشتركين واريد منكم تدعموني وتوصلوني (2000مشترك) … شكرا لكل اللي شتركوا بالقناة واسعدوني بدخولهم ..

    واتمنى ما تسخروا مني , وأعرف إن هذه الطريقه غلط لكنها الطريقه الوحيده اللي اقدر من خلالها اكسب نقود حلال 💔💔 لا سامح الحرب اللي وصلتنا لذي المراحل….

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    5 Bags of Popcorn

    Pence talks about Law Enforcement and the fly lands
    Ive personally seen Navy SEALs with less kit than these so called 'Law enforcement officers'. Why are they so heavily militarized….its bloody terrifying, theyre not in KUNAR province ffs! And people are sick of people getting shot for nothing in this country, its blatant murder!

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    الوحش رومان رينز

    شيلات مصارعة __ عودة رومان رينز 2020 ⁦❤️⁩⚡ __ دمر الكل بلا رحمة –

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    Alex Jones taught me that he is a demon!

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    Lord of the flies. Life vs death, who’s going to win?

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    Laid some eggs

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    vivek sharma Indore

    Don't forget Tiwan to congratulate on it's Independence day on 10 th of October.
    We will celebrate this day as defeat of Chinese dictator Jimpings One China Policy.

    Ask UN to make Tiwan it's member as a separate country .
    This will be chinese defeat from public around the world without shooting a single bullet .

    A clear message of rejection of chinese and our solidarity with free Tiwan .

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    Norman Heslington

    The fly was attracted to all the other F lies. Spewing from the mouth of the vice President.

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    From all the shite coming out of his mouth

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    He must smell like shit like Trump

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    lol after all trumps talk of biden taking drugs or cheating, pence is the one with the bug

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    the fly did everything in its power to change the course of history, we're gonna have to rename the butter*fly* effect

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    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    Lol, must be hair gel

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    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    The fly sided with PENCE, black flies matter.

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    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    If this is the main talking point then these debates are a massive waste of time and energy

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    Did the fly know Mike Pence wasn’t alive?
    Of corpse.

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    That Guy Over There

    When the hero is a fly, you know Pence won the debate

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