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US Election 2020: Donald Trump's town hall – the highlights

Highlights from Donald Trump’s town hall for the 2020 election.

The Republican nominee was grilled by Savannah Guthrie during the town hall. The president acknowledged he may owe $400m (£310m) as part of his business dealings but declined to denounce the QAnon group’s false conspiracy theory that Democrats are part of a global paedophile ring.

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  1. Avatar

    When does biden get questions like these?
    Trump shouldn’t attack the moderator. It looks bad. He should answer and move on.
    I think most Americans blame the chinese gov for covid. But getting local owned businesses and entrepreneurs help has to be way more of a talking point.
    The moderator was awful, Biden is useless, and Trump can’t get out of his own way.

  2. Avatar
    Eapsktlq Pqpdijdlp

    Why doesn’t he wear a madk

  3. Avatar

    That woman is hard to listen to.

  4. Avatar

    New anchor is a b-tch!! So glad he nails her for her fake crap. 🙄

  5. Avatar
    Eapsktlq Pqpdijdlp

    Not everything is the lefts fault we have a republican president

  6. Avatar

    "It's a tiny percentage of my net worth" getting he's had to say that to a lot of women over the years…

  7. Avatar
    Laverne Blaszczyk

    He's so angry and defensive all the time, it's gross….the interview lady was AWESOME!!

  8. Avatar

    Guthrie is a WITCH!

  9. Avatar

    That was an interrogation. I thought people were going to ask questions. She was disrespectful and very rude.

  10. Avatar

    Bet this gets deleted bcus all the media are linked to the Satanic cult.

    2020 divided by 666 equals??? Now go look at the number to text to donate to Joe Biden.

  11. Avatar

    not a theory…real research…she should try it….

  12. Avatar

    Trump" I denounce – but they never ask Biden – I wonder why? Maybe he's a good guy? and I am always saying some stupid stuff?
    Trump" my time with Stormy was a wonderful episode in my life! My wife was in labor so what good am I at occasions like that? I am as we see not good at managing crisis! – but I am good at doing the wrong things at the wrong times – and as a thankyou I did give Melania a present COVID19"

  13. Avatar

    This vile disgusting b!tch only helped the President by being so biased!

  14. Avatar

    He grilled her right back , ha ha

  15. Avatar

    Brush over the $750 fake news and press on the leveraged debt while taking the opportunity to spin a town hall into a personal attack. The average American has $40,000 of savings and $51,900 of debt according to the Federal Reserve’s study on consumer finances circa 2016. The average American banker, soldier, lawyer, doctor, businessman, financier, intelligence agent etc is a far greater threat to National secure than a business tycoon who leveraged cheap capital to build his real estate empire.

  16. Avatar

    POS POTUS at it again.

  17. Avatar

    Trump looked like he could beat up up a Rhinoceros. He looked strong…It’s driving the Left crazy.

  18. Avatar
    California Caveman Dastardly Dave

    Defund American media

  19. Avatar
    Ernesto Cornieles


  20. Avatar
    Lion and the Lamb

    How to be saved

  21. Avatar

    Even if it is 400 million it’s no one business but Trumps and the people that are running his businesses.

  22. Avatar
    Jeff Killingsworth

    WOW the difference between the questions President Trump gets, vs The questions Biden is getting,, WOW!!! And no one aske Joe about the Laptop scandal either???!!!

  23. Avatar

    Trump destroyed her in this debate

  24. Avatar

    Why is every single interview event on television moderated by registered democrats, former democrat campaign advisors or people married to democrat politicians? It's almost like the media is afraid to have their candidate questioned by someone who doesn't live inside their own echo chamber.

  25. Avatar

    She is worst bias host

  26. Avatar

    It saddens me to see the way the President is treated.

  27. Avatar

    The girl over POTUS left shoulder knows what’s up ! ❤️

  28. Avatar

    She was trying so hard to make him look bad, didn’t ask ANY relevant questions.

  29. Avatar

    Still dumb as a stone.

  30. Avatar

    Biden can't debate so she debated him and the "townhall" part was tangential. Trump still won…with a great smile.

  31. Avatar

    We need to dismantle all media in this country and start over this is America and we are all so tired of this bull crap fake people on the payroll of the Democratic Party who say they are real journalists

  32. Avatar

    this interviewer sounds like a shrill shrieking harriden = and I am a woman = disrespectful to POTUS who gave as good and better than she got.

  33. Avatar

    She almost lost her minder 0:56.

  34. Avatar

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020 🇺🇸

  35. Avatar

    Wait a minute. Dotard says he knows NOTHING ABOUT QANON, but knows everything about ANTIFA! I just can't stop LMAO. What a lying moron!

  36. Avatar

    This woman is interogating The President at her Liberal Jew Master's, request

  37. Avatar

    If Trump losse , thn China will win

  38. Avatar

    As a medical professional, I agree a 100% with President Trump on the fact that the cure cannot be worst than the pandemic. The world’s number one killer still remains Acute Coronary Syndrome (heart attacks), during the pandemic hospital admission for ACS decreased ~50% in Europe and in the US, meaning ppl were so scared to catch covid tht they avoided going to the ER, therefore taking the risk of dying at home. Even Biased WHO is against lockdown now. VOTE TRUMP 2020✅

  39. Avatar

    Trump beat her

  40. Avatar

    I love when his face looks like a 4yo when he's telling the big lies

  41. Avatar
    Cynthia Diangkinay-Meade

    Big mouth

  42. Avatar

    I'm Alone 😍😥

  43. Avatar

    Here we go again Trump vs Liberal moderator I am so sick of this BS

  44. Avatar

    This Interviewer is so unprofessional

  45. Avatar

    Trump was great here.

  46. Avatar

    a sly old dog try to lie his way out again

  47. Avatar

    She looks like she’s gonna bite the President. She hates Q anon which is about unity, love of God and fellow human being and country.

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