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US election 2020: Democrats gain popularity among youth in Texas

The US state of Texas has been a Republican stronghold for decades and the last Democratic contender to win there was Jimmy Carter back in 1976.
But anger against Donald Trump in cities and suburbs as well as a rising minority population are giving Democrats hope this time round.
Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher reports from Austin, Texas.

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  1. Avatar

    I'm from Texas and this is bullshit…

  2. Avatar

    I hope trump wins.

  3. Avatar

    Best picture for Trump 2020!! D-bags 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Avatar

    Lots of democrats moved away from places like San Francisco and California to Texas.

  5. Avatar

    come on texas stop trolling and vote for trump

  6. Avatar

    Voter suppression is their biggest obstacle

  7. Avatar

    The youth are braindead.

  8. Avatar
    Richard & Rose Beal Preston/Johnson

    Vote Biden/ Harris 2020

  9. Avatar

    all the great things that attracted them were brought by the republicans

  10. Avatar

    Good news. I was open to a business type president. But a business type billionaire president thinks of profit for top at all costs. It’s obvious new ideas have had funding, we may benefit out of the new innovations, but some of the new business ventures are not affordable for all. The cars are too costly With all the designer features. We need a nice basic car again. The delivery drones may be necessary for those who can’t figure out a car 🚘 anymore due to these creative ideas.  

    People that got extra tax write offs from Donald Trump didn’t necessarily share that with employees. No idea why not. It may be hard to know what to do with extra money from US tax cuts, because we go back and fourth with Republican and Democrats and the changes in tax cuts. So most goes into pocket of rich or into innovation. The middle class needs a way to get to work though. I would think businesses would appreciate having dependable employees with dependable transportation.

    It’s time to undo the tax cut for rich with Biden. The people over 400,000 can obviously afford it, they’ve had a bit of a free ride, it’s time to embrace reality again. Your house 🏡 and 🚙 car and flying drones don’t mean much unless you can fly your food carrying drone to the homeless. Amazon has my respect because they
    Get money to the people that need it by funding food nonprofits.

    The middle needs to be cared about again. They are barely making it. Health care costs are outrageous. Smaller sized pensions become smaller. Benefits become less. Waitresses get less tips.
    We all lose with the coronavirus except the people connected to favorable stocks. We are not all connected up to favorable stocks as the billionaires are.

    We need to have respect for all the regular Joes that have done all the leg work for the millionaires and billionaires. Most of America is made up of regular Joes. To disrespect the system that made America
    Great is inexcusable. Back to basics. Back Biden so America has a leg to stand on.

  11. Avatar

    Let’s get back to basic living.
    Let’s get back to caring about people and all of America.

  12. Avatar

    the reason they like texas so much is because of Republican policies tho lmao

  13. Avatar

    Cool go ruin another state with your liberal bullshit as a NYer you guys ruined this state and Cali.

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