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US Capitol: Up to 15,000 troops expected on Biden's inauguration

Up to 15,000 troops expected at the Capitol on Joe Biden’s inauguration day, following from the shocking events of last week.

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  1. Avatar

    I'm Single 😍😥

  2. Avatar

    Washington DC is now in martial law…people think it will end on the 24th…remember we were told just 2 weeks to help hospitals…

  3. Avatar

    A total waste of money.

  4. Avatar

    What a way to begin Bejing Biden's administration. There are more troops at his inauguration then he had legal votes😆😆😆.

  5. Avatar

    To have this kinda security Biden must be scared that all his lies will be found out(and they will).

  6. Avatar

    Plenty of boot lickers in the comments as expected, silly sausages.

  7. Avatar

    Biden trying to flex obviously.

  8. Avatar

    Its like when a dictator comes he brings all his might incase some citizens try to say your a unlawful leader

  9. Avatar
    Locked Down Productions

    This has been up for 8 hours and has had 237 views? What's with that? I knew you guys were dying out but this is something else. Is the algo hiding it or what?

  10. Avatar

    And thats the amount of police presence before Bidens even sworn into office.

  11. Avatar

    Democrats wouldn't let them deploy troops for the eight months of BLM riots and murders yet they gladly welcome them for their own cause. This is what you voted for America, oh wait, you didn't. Either way, sucks being you guys.

  12. Avatar

    Hey Joe ,……where you going with that gun in your hand !

  13. Avatar

    Bidens a walking corpse who cant be trusted. Just another puppet put in office 🖕

  14. Avatar

    This is what happens when you allow a large (ignorant, ill educated) sector of the public to buy and store military type arms.

  15. Avatar

    Well it's to be expected for the inauguration of America's first UN-Elected President. The second one will be sworn in within six months as the geriatric imbecile Biden will be lucky to last that long.

  16. Avatar

    It’s now 30000 troops on the ground to wave in the most popoular president in American history… apparently🙄

  17. Avatar

    Biden is one popular guy. Will they remove those Stars and Stripes flags beforehand and replace them with the flag of the CCP. The new owners of the US…

  18. Avatar

    15,000? Wow, that's Biden's best ever turnout!

  19. Avatar

    America is the best reality show ive seen!!

  20. Avatar
    settle down Beavis

    So this is the most popular president in USA history?

  21. Avatar

    Is the military going to intervene in this Leftist coup?

  22. Avatar

    Looks like they found Oil gas & gold in Washington, D.C.!

  23. Avatar

    I thought the inauguration will be virtual.

  24. Avatar

    I have a feeling this isn’t going to go smoothly

  25. Avatar

    🤣😂🤪 15.000 pra-troops can't preserve a building! damn so nefarious.

  26. Avatar

    BIden spending "your" tax dollars to protect himself , America the new banana republic

  27. Avatar

    Where were they when BLM ran riot?

  28. Avatar

    Fraud and cheating for election that's what makes this trouble US now is collapsing where is liberty

  29. Avatar

    Haha not enough troops..

  30. Avatar

    @0:58 that a microwave beam vehicle

  31. Avatar

    Has he not called lid yet?

  32. Avatar

    Banana republic 🤷‍♂️

  33. Avatar

    Narcos seems like normal life compared to Washington 🤦‍♂️

  34. Avatar

    Bread & circus people…Bankers rule the world !

  35. Avatar

    Yep 15000 troops is the sure sign of a leader that everyone wants in charge.

  36. Avatar

    Damn the leftisms truly are determined to obtain power at any cost, if they have to do it this way then they will stop at nothing.

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