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US Capitol reaction: Heckler goes on wild rant at Chuck Schumer

A heckler told Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer that she got ‘sexually excited’ while watching him cower under a desk during last week’s riot at the US Capitol. The woman interrupted Schumer during his press conference in Manhattan on Tuesday. 

During the encounter, she is heard calling Schumer, who is Jewish, a ‘racist, anti-Semite’. ‘You’re nothing but a coward. Seeing you hide under your desk, I actually got sexually excited over it. That’s how much I loathe you. That’s how much I’m glad what they did. The woman also accused the New York senator of following the ‘socialist’ practices of Adolf Hitler. ‘Remember this, Adolf Hitler was a socialist and that’s exactly who you follow,’ the woman screamed. As the woman continued to rant about the Capitol riot, Schumer’s security was seen trying to get her to leave. ‘As long as there’s unrest, there’s going to be unrest in these streets’ she yelled.

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  1. Avatar
    rockrousey250 oingoboingo

    Why is it when a leftist goes on a rant its patriotic or they're "standing up" to whomever, but when the opposite does it, it's a heckler or a person who is harassing someone. This America in 2021, let that sink in.

  2. Avatar

    This lady is telling the truth. What an amazing women, L'Chaim

  3. Avatar

    That was a great rant, had all the facts, kudos to that woman 👍

  4. Avatar

    This news is a day late

  5. Avatar

    This women had problems she needs urgent help.

  6. Avatar

    I love this women!!!

  7. Avatar

    Chuckle got his ass torn haha

  8. Avatar

    People that were at Washington that created no violence are now getting punished and losing their jobs it is similar to the cultural revolution in China pretty soon the left will be coming for this woman and all of us to take us to hard labor reeducation camps my suggestion delete all your social media hurt them in their pocketbooks 75 million people canceling

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