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US anti-racism protests: Curfews in place in more than 12 cities

For a fourth day, there have been violent protests across the United States, from New York to Los Angeles.
As night falls, curfews are now being enforced in more than a dozen cities.
Los Angeles, Atlanta, Portland and Denver are among those restricting movement to try and curb more violence.
But, in Minneapolis, people are again defying the orders and continuing to make their voices heard on the streets.

Al Jazeera has reporters standing by in four major cities: Al Jazeera’s John Hendren is in Minneapolis, Gabriel Elizondo is in New York, Andy Gallacher is in Miami and Rob Reynolds is in Los Angeles.

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#JusticeForGeorgeFlyod #GeorgeFloyd #GeorgeFloydprotest

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  1. Avatar

    America has been fueling fire in many countries in name of democracy and terrorism, now its their time to taste the same.

  2. Avatar

    We stand for George❤️

  3. Avatar

    look at the goon-squad doing their master's bidding and beating down their own families and communities. throw a stone at a crowd of cops and you're gonna hit an idiot.
    america is occupied and the hostile force is called police.

  4. Avatar

    This is protest is nothing as compared to what had happened to the US sponsored protest in Hong Kong

  5. Avatar

    I'll buy police brutality argument. Not sold it is racist simply because suspect identified by victims was Black and cops White.

  6. Avatar

    Remember, all of this started over an allegedly fake piece of money during a grocery transaction (and even this is still being debated). If you don't think you have power as an individual …

  7. Avatar

    I like your coverage am your fan from Kenya

  8. Avatar
    Abduljalil Mahama

    The 3 other officers were seen kneeling on the back of George Floyd whiles the other cop of asian origin(like a Chinese) was standing on guard protecting passers by from helping out. All of them contributed so i think all of them should be charged with Murder. This racial profiling must stop. People are angry because this has been happening over and over again.

  9. Avatar

    Hong Kong protestors are Heroes while American protestors are Thugs. The Biggest hypocrite in the world that is: USA ——>>> Donald Trump

  10. Avatar

    good job US cops, please lead by example and hk police is right there watching you.

  11. Avatar

    Allah wakbar !

  12. Avatar

    USA is breaking a lot of stereotypes in 2020. About them being a successful state. The world can see, their makeover of being the first world nation.

  13. Avatar

    What we need to do is have Carry Lam get 2000 US cops sent to Hong Kong so that the Hong Kong protestors can learn and understand what real police brutality is.

    Hong Kong Police had 8 months of riots, thoussands, upon thousands of rioters arrested, yet they didn't even kill a single person. Didn't even call the military either.

    Back in the US 5 US policeman couldn't even arrest one man without killing him by axficiation. On the 3rd day of riots the governor had to call the military onto the streets. Unbelievable.

  14. Avatar

    I never visit this 3rd world country even if I’m paid to do it. Yes it’s a 3rd world country with discrimination, drinking water issues, sanitation issues, roads and infrastructure issues. Ppl are vastly uneducated, live in poverty and the health care is only for profit. Their major cities are fine, once you get into middle America living conditions are subhuman.

    So I’m not surprised when I see this carnage against none white minorities. hence I never visit.

  15. Avatar

    i'm wondering where are those US politicians that criticised hk police for using force to disperse violent rioters last year??

  16. Avatar
    muster beispiel

    USA Shame on you!!!!!!!!!
    No to racism!!!!!

  17. Avatar
    muster beispiel

    USA Shame on you!!!!!!!!!
    No to racism!!!!!

  18. Avatar

    Protesters need to arm themselves

  19. Avatar

    Welcome to The American Spring… USA needs some DEMOCRACY!

  20. Avatar

    Hi African American news caster. I remember you making China look bad for one case of Chinese police arresting an African man for breaking the law. How come your comments are so mild now. Lol

  21. Avatar

    ❤❤ where's human rights in America

  22. Avatar

    US protesters protesting for their basic human right, right to live are labelled as thug, Kong Kong protesters, protesting against terrorism and subversion law are hero.. wow🤔😥😥

  23. Avatar

    Q predicted this. 10 days of darkness. This is Soros funded anarchy, it won't succeed

  24. Avatar

    What about when Whites get killed by officers and it's a mistake…. We don't see Whites looting or burning down family owned business…

  25. Avatar

    Make America more unjust..

  26. Avatar

    Cold blooded murder.

  27. Avatar
    banged up abroad

    absofuckinglutely in the police states of America invasion of civil rights to get murdered by all these militarized police force's that have been murdering people with impunity for hundreds of years now I think the people have had enough of their fkn police state protest against the tyrannical regimes that have been established in many states oppressing the people who pay the taxes that pay the police state wages

  28. Avatar

    Looking at the comments here, seems most of them want their cities burnt down to the ground, anarchy to prevail over law and order. Don't complain when you don't have a job or government aid to help you eat…. Funny how people want to see the end as we know it…

  29. Avatar

    The people, especially the young have every right to be protesting in the streets. Their elders continue to fail them with poor leadership, incompetence, corruption and greed. People are hurt and suffering, 100,000 deaths from Covid. If property damage is a victim, so be it.

  30. Avatar

    As an African-American and former law enforcement officer, I knew this was coming. Our lives are not valued and black people are routinely targeted and disproportionately murdered by police. People can only take so much. My mother travels the world and has lived in many other countries and the only time she has experienced racism is in the United States. If peaceful protests worked then black men would not still be getting lynched almost every day.

  31. Avatar

    America is lost….very sad

  32. Avatar

    What ever you sow you reap

  33. Avatar

    This stopped being a manifestation of anger when they started rioting and shooting at other rioters. These are crimes of opportunity, well-organized and well-funded; deliberately meant to cause chaos and destruction. The businesses they are destroying have already been hit my COVID-19, but now with the aftermath of the rioting, they may never come back. How were the businesses responsible for the death of Mr. Floyd? This is propaganda news.

  34. Avatar

    Protect your rights! This is a clear warning to those cops thinking they are a separate group from the people they are supposed to be serving.

  35. Avatar

    We don't like the double standards of Americans any more. We are fed up with the interference from America. Leave other countries alone, OK? Take care of your own business, Yanks

  36. Avatar

    Hey have you considered non cooperation movement 😡😡😠that may be a way forward

  37. Avatar

    Nancy pelosi said hongkong riot " beautiful sight to behold " , now its happened in her own backyard, enjoy your sight nancy.

  38. Avatar
    the GLOSSA channel

    If Americans own so many guns and firearms, why aren't they using them to take on the po-po?

  39. Avatar

    How can people who don't believe in God, uphold an oath to God?
    Judas took the police with him to betray Jesus.

  40. Avatar

    Racism must be ended. It is very dangerous to our globe.

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