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Unemployment claims surge to record 3.3M due to coronavirus | USA TODAY

Unemployment claims surged to record 3.3M last week as coronavirus takes toll on economy.
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Filings for unemployment benefits hit a record 3.3 million last week, the Labor Department said showing the coronavirus’s damage to the economy.

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    It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job
    It's a depression when you lose yours

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    MoSt of the claims are FROM THE RICHEST states on the BACKS of the poor states. NY, you are EVIL THIEVES

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    I'm so Proud of My President, and i must say i'm Proud of the people of the US,working together and not letting Dems cut us down and make us more sick. people please do what Trump ask you to and forget Nancy and Chuck. who are trying to kill more of us. Trump will save us.

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    “The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to contemplate the extent of human stupidity.”
    ― Voltaire

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    Reject CCP (Chinese Communist Party) = rejecting CCP virus

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    Thanks for letting me know that USA news.

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    Welcome to North America with Dictator name Trump

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    Rest easy people, Pelosi added in $1 million for the Doorkeeper/ Sergeant at Arms of the Senate$, 500 million for The Institute of Museum and Library Services.  $300 million for Refugee Assistance,  $300 million for public broadcasting, $33 million for national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,  $200 million for NASA, $236 million for the IRS with an additional $42 Million for IRS enforcement. $35 million for the Kennedy Center,  $90 million for the Ryan White HIV program, $66 Million for the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences…. You can't make this shit up!

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    Hmm… Let us libtards blame Trump for this not the virus.

    Lol if a liberal was president we would be like Italy, lots of dead people.

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    To: Consider This !!

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    -Leave the minimum amount of currency in your checking/savings,
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    -Need to address your retirement account(s), as well !!

    “What Is a Bail-in and How Does it Work?,” by US ECONOMY AND NEWS.

    Excerpt …
    “the companies were able to reduce the payments to creditors
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    The numbers are only that low because that's the maximum that can be processed. Look for 30M in 3 weeks.

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