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Uncut Gems | Official Trailer HD | A24


A Safdie Brothers film starring Adam Sandler, Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, and Eric Bogosian. UNCUT GEMS – In Theaters this December

RELEASE DATE: December 2019
DIRECTOR: Safdie Brothers
CAST: Adam Sandler, Kevin Garnett, Idina Menzel, Lakeith Stanfield, Julia Fox, and Eric Bogosian

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Coming Soon: In Fabric, The Lighthouse

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  1. Avatar

    Hopefully we get a cameo from niko bellic

  2. Avatar

    I feel like this movie after good time for the safdie Brothers will be like Tarantinos pulp fiction after reservoir dogs

  3. Avatar

    Bringing back punch drunk love Adam Sandler 😩😩😩👆👆👆😋

  4. Avatar

    So Adam Sandlerr is finally playing a Jewish guy

  5. Avatar

    Hes always been better in serious roles

  6. Avatar

    Adam Sandler in a serious movie? Whaaaattt!?!?

  7. Avatar

    Finally a movie with Adam Sandler I want to see. The man has been in so much crap I usually see his name and pass on.

  8. Avatar

    Suddenly I Just Want Adam Sandler In More Crime Movies

  9. Avatar

    Finally this is what I’ve been waiting for Sandler to do he hasn’t done any serious acting since punch drunk love or Spanglish it looks real good

  10. Avatar

    Saw A24 in opening and immediately said I'm watching this and didn't watch the rest of the trailer

  11. Avatar

    This looks amazing for Adam Sandler. Now he needs to go into an action movie and it will be amazing

  12. Avatar

    does anybody know what's the intro music (0:06)? not the one that follows (which, i believe, is Pray 4 Love by Travis Scott)

  13. Avatar

    adam sandler can do some really good roles honestly.!

  14. Avatar

    I like THIS Adam Sandler… looking forward to seeing this!

  15. Avatar

    This is what Adam sander should be doing.

  16. Avatar

    Adam Sandler this time looks like Denzel Washington in Training Day mixed Al Pacino in Heat.

  17. Avatar

    So they wrote whole movie around Sandler's Persian gangster look

  18. Avatar

    Adam Sandler disguising himself as John turturro so he can be taken seriously

  19. Avatar

    This could be the one that shows Adam Sandler is back and more than just slapstick comedy. I’m down for this.

  20. Avatar

    Like Sasha Baron Cohen, you can't take him seriously in a serious role.
    And those mocking his look? You clearly didn't live in the area at the time.

  21. Avatar

    The exact same movie but with him as the lunch lady. “Uncut Hoagies”

  22. Avatar

    A real “Grown Up” movie from Adam Sandler. I will actually watch it.

  23. Avatar

    Kevin Kevin Kevin!
    Kevin Kevin Kevin!
    Kevin Kevin!
    Kevin Kevin Kevin!
    Kevin Kevin Kevin!

  24. Avatar

    Might be the first movie that makes me take Adam Sandler as a serious actor. Never understood why people found him funny and while I did like his movie Click it wasnt enough to explain how he is consider a good actor/comedian but this one looks promising.

  25. Avatar

    “you havin’ a good time?” “yes”

    reminded me of Borat for some reason

  26. Avatar

    i can't believe this goofy ass man child is most likely gonna get nominated for an Oscar. I hope he does but he needs to start doing better movies, he's completely wasting his amazing talent

  27. Avatar

    Sandler is a much better dramatic actor than comedian at this point. (Don't tell Kevin James.)

  28. Avatar

    This trailer is a masterpiece in and of itself, the editing and the music together are sooo good.

  29. Avatar

    Might be one of his best yet let’s goooooo!!!!!

  30. Avatar

    WOW! Adam Sandler actually in a REAL movie not some goofball POS comedy!

  31. Avatar

    imagine if they put "9 time Razzie winning and 35 time Razzie nominee Adam Sandler" at 1:17

    all kidding aside, I really look forward to this movie

  32. Avatar

    There are 15 million Jews in the world. Hollywood give you the impression that there are 1.5 billion Jews. Lol.

  33. Avatar

    I love adam even his “dumb” comedy movies !!!! I’m glad he’s taking more serious roles though

  34. Avatar

    Joker, The Irishman, and this!!! What a way to close the year (and decade)! 😱

  35. Avatar

    Trying so hard to be a dramatic movie. I see at least 3 razzies for this movie

  36. Avatar

    Sandler the actor is so good when he nails a part in something worthy, he should make it a policy to avoid working for Sandler the producer/director. Then again, if 4 or 5 shitty Buddy Vacation movies lead to one of these, I think I'm good.

  37. Avatar

    Since when did Elphaba from Wicked live in NYC

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