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UN World Food Programme wins Nobel Peace Prize

Feeding the world’s hungry is what the World Food Program has been doing for more than 50 years. It rarely makes headlines, but its work is so vital that it’s now being recognized with a Nobel Peace Prize. Eric Sorensen explains why.


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  1. Avatar

    Had WHO didn't cover up covid for China, there will not be hunger pandemic. Don't tell me the nobel committee received money from CCP too.

  2. Avatar

    UN feeds the world with American money so these countries until they are overpopulated then ship them to the west. Stupid prizes for stupid people

  3. Avatar

    CCP = Canada Communist Party featuring Chairman Trudeau

  4. Avatar

    Not bad but we all know Trump should have won.

  5. Avatar
    shadowbanned bycbcctv

    Isn't there a story about give a man a fish or teach a man to fish?

  6. Avatar

    Looks like the man stacking that food needs some food

  7. Avatar

    What a joke, they are feeding people that one day will try and kill us. Yet there's nothing done about the millions of homeless sick and hungry people in North America. … LOL THE UN IS ANOTHER SNAKE IN THE GARDEN FOR THE CCP. AMERICA AND CANADA SHOULD HAVE LEFT THESE BACKSTABBING MORONS LONG AGO.

  8. Avatar



    0:31 Really nice 👌 💋💞

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    CDCFauciBirxPsyOpdUSA ObjectiveUSAeconomyIMPLOSION

    SURE….There ARE MORE PEOPLE GETTING DISEASES with GMO CROPS which yield larger produce, but
    we're also feeding more MOUTHS, so it's a "GIVE AND TAKE", right?
    (I'm just glad we elites R rich enough 2 buy REAL FOOD while the REST OF U DYE OFF, already. SUCKERS.)

  10. Avatar

    I sign that people are about to starve.
    Get ready people!

  11. Avatar

    THREE Nobel peace nominations for Pres Trump! THREE!!!! NEVER has this happened to a President in their 1st term. But the corrupt UN gets it hahahaha. I CAN’T WAIT TILL THE US PULLS ALL THE FUNDING FROM THIS CORRUPT ORG. THE CITIZENS ARE FED UP WITH ALLOWING THEM HERE AND US PICKING UP THEIR TAB!!!

  12. Avatar
    ᴍɪʟᴀɴ ᴀᴅʜɪᴋᴀʀʏ

    Happy Republic Day In Taiwan

  13. Avatar

    Ha ha ha ha .
    Joke .
    Instead of paying for GMO mosquitos, and forced vaccines, Bill Gates could have eradicated world hunger and poverty 10x over.
    The world is one big Deception.

  14. Avatar

    I wonder what dark secret lies in this one. Obama, white helmets, what next ahah
    Hope it’s a genuine organisation for the sake of the people needing the food and help.
    A world we can’t trust. How sad.

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    Renegadebroadcasting com

    The restrictions enforced by the captured goverments are causing more problems than this fake epidemic

  16. Avatar

    Canada has plenty of people starving in Canada so why do we have so much extra money to give the UN?

  17. Avatar
    Good Morning Sunday Morning

    Globalists : "We have to prevent a hunger pandemic"
    Also Globalists : Shut everything down and destroy global GDP

  18. Avatar

    The edicts of the. g l o b a list "autho ri ties" caused businesses to go under and jobs to be lost. Now they want to play hero, and make you dependent.

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