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UN experts fear Sudan is sliding into a 'human rights abyss'

Last week protesters in Sudan were subjected to a brutal military crackdown, increasing global concern about the country’s future.

Sudanese troops blocked Sky News from entering the facility and one soldier threatened to strike the crew with a raised baton.

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  1. Avatar

    The UN are a waste of time and a complete joke …. and not just in the Sudan

  2. Avatar

    Well then we best get in there and bring them some freedom and democracy like we did in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan….

  3. Avatar

    The UN are under control of the real evil of this World – they want the sheep to focus on Sudan

  4. Avatar

    Looks like they need some pmc’s in the mix.

  5. Avatar

    In the last week there has been major terrorist attacks in Mali .. the DR Congo .. Lebanon & Somalia and yet even though there has been hundreds murdered neither Sky or the BBC has reported on the extent or who the cowardly terrorists were …. wonder why ?? .. could it be they were ALL carried out by followers of “the religion of peace” ?!?! ….

  6. Avatar

    Honest democracy is the fairest, humane and progressive form of Government…

  7. Avatar


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    (Even though I knew this)
    What this has shown us is that the UN don't gaf bout Africa
    If this was a prodemantly WHITE country they wouldn't hesitate. But Sudan is a prodemantly Black country with the religion of Islam.

  9. Avatar

    Bugger Sudan , globalism in Europe is our problem .

  10. Avatar

    While every 1000's of #Disabled #Specialneeds & #Terminallyill people, needlessly lose their lives.

    Through aggressive acts of political #Poverty #Inequality & #Austerity while "FAKE NEWS SKY" refuse to report those stories <<< SHAME ON YOU

  11. Avatar

    Can someone explain to me, what’s going on??? I really” don’t know. Please tell me🙏🏻, thanks

  12. Avatar

    Oh that's it then, send in the troops. SKY, enabling the industrial military complex.

  13. Avatar

    Democracy doesn't help black people the eurooeans intelligence agencies always spark problems with black muslims to justify their white Supremacy. Dont be a proxy.

  14. Avatar

    We need to help these people get their freedom

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