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UN coordinator: Syria's humanitarian crisis happening on 'unimaginable scale'

Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syrian crisis Mark Cutts says the massive humanitarian crisis facing Idlib, Syria, is unlike anything they have seen during the nine years of this war. #CNN #News

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    He said we can't help these people they are on their own.

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    ………………… <— more audio content then this video

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    Why are the Mark Cutt's answers to the CNN reporter censored?

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    how can they care without letting him speak? where is the Audio @CNN

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    ohno the isis supporters are under attack what are we going to do, the humanity.

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    CNN:the most trusted name in news
    Me:What did you just say I can't hear you!

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    Just think how much good all the money Bloomberg is dumping on BS commercials could have done for humanitarian aid!

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    Little fishy to me why can’t we hear him. What is that old saying believe half of what you see and none of what you hear well we’re hearing nothing so maybe we should believe nothing that we see

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    My school is El Camino Real in Bakersfield California

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    I like how cnn cut the audio from people speaking the truth, ill help. The aid is in wear houses in Puerto Rico, life saving supplies purposely hidden to sham the president of the United States

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    The Arab spring that Obama pushed heavily, turned to crap in 5 minutes.
    His Cairo speech, with the Muslim Brotherhood said it all.
    Libya was coming good, and the old Colenel had denounced all forms of terror.
    Russians in Crimea.
    Syria crossing red line.
    Crap Iran deal, as the say Death to USA daily.
    North Korea. testing nukes and medium and long range missile. Shooting missiles over Japan. Threatening neighbors daily.
    China ripping off USA, and constructing military installations in South China sea on other nations territory.
    USA's enemies are not laughing anymore.
    Obama is an ABORTION, and Trump will always be the acquitted, re elected 45th POTUS.
    Go nuts!

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    Yeah, still a voiceless interviewee….sign language translator with subtitles pls😁

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    The video is flawed. We cant hear the man speaking

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    Why the fuck will you upload a video with no sound

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    Well, you really must live up to your name: Comic News Network!

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    Yet America won’t stop funding those so called terrorist in the so called Middle East

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    That was the most disturbing news I’ve ever heard in my life!

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    What's a matter with all of you? I can hear him fine.

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    I have about 23 comments but I have no information so I won't say anything.

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    What did Don Lemon do to her hair

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    Nice job CNN you've uploaded the same no-audio video TWICE in the same day! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    Not my American tax paying problem. The US has bailed out the whole world far too long. Find another freeloader to pay for Syria.
    If Hillary had won 2016 we would be in another full scale war (w/Russian involvements). Possibly igniting WW3.

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    They are cutting him out, it isn't an audio problem.

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    How is it that there is absolutely NO sound from the man being interviewed. Her mic didn't pick up anything?!!!

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    Why is mark Cutts responses muted. Is this a cnn site or a bogus site

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    7 Billion dollars laundered at an Iranian state-owned bank in Bahrain.
    The state prosecutor found evidence that Future Bank was used in funding terrorism.
    I hate to say it; Trump is right.

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    This is how the west propaganda put out fake new to brain wash people, say all negative thing about Syrian government.

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    I took 2 days to fast and pray for Syria. They have suffered enough.

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    Liars turkey is the invader here they support alqaeda beheaders. And they were supposed to clear m5 and m4 highway from terrorists as agreed in the astana agreement but turkey kept arming the terrorists and supplying them with detailed in formation on syrian troop movements from the observation posts which were ment to deescalate the situation and prevent hts alqaeda from attacking already liberated areas. Turkey should stop sponsoring the terrorists and keep up its commitments in the astana format or else leave the place entirely.

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    Literally don’t know what homie is on about. Can’t hear it.

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    Comunist liberal network news more lies lies..

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    It’s unfortunate no one thought to put a mic on him, or to turn it on if he did have one.

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    One innocent child dies , on compassionate grounds alone I pray for a huge meteor to smash this forsaken ball of shit into a quintillion pieces …

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