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Ultimate Racing Crash Compilation 2017 (HD)

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Ultimate Racing Crash Compilation 2017 (HD)

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  1. Avatar

    1:40 Commentators like this is why I stop watching racing series.

  2. Avatar

    Ils parviennent à mettre des Miata sur le toit ? Ils sont doués eux quand-même…
    Pauvres Mia…

  3. Avatar

    The supertrucks looks unsafe with jumps
    like what if the person in front slows down because of a engine failure. and then the person in front goes air born and lands on the roof of the person who had a engine failure. They could die.

  4. Avatar

    play this while watching, you can thank me later

  5. Avatar

    5.46-lpve how despite being upside down, his back.left wheel wasn't quitting for anyone

  6. Avatar

    Does anyone watch nascar for anything other than those massive crashes…

  7. Avatar

    2:13 I am not losing to you again old man

  8. Avatar

    5:32 that poor car coming out of the pits is like

    "………. what the fuck just happened?"

  9. Avatar

    Me on first clip Australian voice You've got wheel damage!

  10. Avatar

    I love the way French broadcasters always sound cool, even during a 4 car wreck……Bon appetite….

  11. Avatar

    whenever someone says nascar or someother car racing sport aint shit show em somethin like this vid

  12. Avatar

    2:10 "Plumbing Supplies" well now you gonna need em

  13. Avatar

    why did the marshall wave the green flag at the second crash?? did he make a mistake??

  14. Avatar

    t es la reine des putes avec toutes tes pubs de merde

  15. Avatar

    9:43 just push it back over and keep going

  16. Avatar

    How many people watch races just to see the crashes?

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