Ukraine cuts off Russia resupply, tensions in Asia | Ukraine: The Latest | Podcast

by News Update

Day 161.

Today, we discuss the latest updates from the invasion of Ukraine and look at the rising tensions between China and the West in Taiwan. Plus, we speak to Dariia Tskyunova, partner of a Ukrainian soldier in the Azov battalion who was captured by the Russians after the siege of Mariupol.


David Knowles (Host). Follow David on Twitter @djknowles22
Francis Dearnley (Assistant Comment Editor). Follow Francis on Twitter @FrancisDearnley
Dominic Nicholls (Defence & Security Editor). Follow Dom on Twitter @DomNicholls
Venetia Rainey (Assistant Foreign Editor). Follow Venetia on Twitter @venetiarainey
Sophia Yan (China Correspondent). Follow Sophie on Twitter @sophia_yan

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