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UK suffers record number of COVID-19 deaths

The UK has recorded 563 more COVID-19-related deaths in one day – the highest number of the outbreak so far.

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  1. Avatar
    Awaken The Greatness Within

    Is she about to cry 😭

  2. Avatar

    American made virus

  3. Avatar

    China lied and the UK like other countries could not get travel cut quick enough. Spread was worse than what it needed to be. And it is obvious now that several other countries have passed China's numbers that China underreported. Lies that helped kill people.

  4. Avatar

    the media want to create a moral panic. That’s why they never talk about the SURVIVAL rates and always discuss the death count. They want people to fear everything and do exactly as they say.

  5. Avatar

    Principianti…..il peggio 'a da veni, i'ta muri munneze

  6. Avatar

    Figures? Figures? Oh data? I'm calling bullshit!

  7. Avatar

    Very sad my deepest sympathy and condolences to all the families there love ones passes away for the COVID19. May Rest In Peace. Prayers r in our country and the rest of the world 🌎

  8. Avatar

    Her voice is okey ,right ?

  9. Avatar

    All u idiots who voted this goverment in are now understanding that they are a bunch off incompetent idiots who have failed so badly on this pandemic. They did not prepare nothing for the UK when they knew about this deadly virus spreading Jan and February.

  10. Avatar

    Tony Blair (Yes the war criminal who killed millions of innocents in Iraq) is advising that people will need to be tested multiple times. Personally I would rather take my chances than be contaminated by a test kit and I certainly wouldn't be vaccinated with anything that is even vaguely connected to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Genocide in progress?

  11. Avatar

    The media is being very selective about the information it reports. The way deaths are being recorded since the Covid-19 outbreak is very misleading – just like everything else they're reporting.

  12. Avatar

    We were told stopping flights into the UK would not stop the spread. Surely it stands to reason that any situation like this is firefighting. Would stopping infected individuals coming into the country not have had a marked effect in taking pressure off the NHS as they would not have had to deal with the levels that we are now faced with ? Granted it would not have stopped the inevitable but it might have helped our Nurses and Doctors cope with less numbers over a longer period.

  13. Avatar

    On the grand scale its still drops in a pond.

  14. Avatar

    This is a load of rubbish. Sheeple

  15. Avatar

    what about the ones who have had it but never been tested ?

  16. Avatar

    Tbh every new death is a new record, idk why this is such a record within itself

  17. Avatar

    This is wonderful news.

  18. Avatar

    Rest in peace 🙏

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    How many people disregarding Brits trying to get home are still pouring in from China and wherever. As soon as one patient dies here in the UK or recovers and goes back to home isolation, the potential for more spreaders coming in through air and sea ports, like Heathrow and Gatwick just continues unabated much to the fury of those who are trying to stop this thing and the older generation who sit and watch these planes coming in day and night and are not even being screened. So the death toll will continue to rise in the UK until they close and seal our borders. Yes airlines could lose a lot of money, but how do equate profits over the deaths of thousands of British citizens?

  21. Avatar


  22. Avatar


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    Well, not closing the borders and shutting up shop 6 weeks ago was definitely not worth it then. The science told the government so

  24. Avatar

    Slap yourself

  25. Avatar

    It's really too late! Testings should have been done Early March. Those Covid-19 carriers asymptomatic, whatever u call them, they are literally walking TIME BOMBS ! 😫

  26. Avatar

    UK usually is too busy faking war time. Now they’re faking plan-demic?

  27. Avatar
    charlie crokker

    And still people ignore the staying in rule!!

  28. Avatar

    Well regardless of whatever happens in future, I can only pray that the inhumanely unrepentant likes of JOHN BARRACK and SADIE OTWAY from Derwen College face justice for the way how they neglected to help rid an autistic student of any stress OR anxiety by dealing with fellow college pupils who were deliberately and quite sadistically antagonistic – in the manner of how they literally ignore all the warning signs to not cause trouble, and they just cause trouble like a mischievous being who is completely devoid of any positive understand; rational thought; natural conversation; and the slightest shred of humanity!!

    For what JOHN BARRACK and SADIE OTWAY put me through, I can only hope that they either face justice alive OR go to hell in death – because people like JOHN BARRACK and SADIE OTWAY are among the worst kind of human beings on this planet!!

  29. Avatar
    Curtis Carpenter

    Here is a term to look up social order.

  30. Avatar

    Is the U.K going to get better or worse with the coronavirus? There are far more people affected and far more deaths than Canada.

  31. Avatar
    Terrified Father

    I don't believe any of this crap!! Turn off the media!!

  32. Avatar
    Mycro-Dozer RSO

    Are people still believing this SH1TE

  33. Avatar

    Mam r u an artist

  34. Avatar

    Report on something else. This is getting very boring

  35. Avatar
    Barry Griffiths

    How about some positive news. How many has recovered?

  36. Avatar
    Niculita Valentin

    I live in U.K i am from Romania, but i like to se USA smash China like Hirosima and Nagasaky in Japan…. because this is happen because of they, why they search from diferent virus?Why they escape the virus ?they must to pay for all people he past away….😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  37. Avatar

    ho God bless on us.

  38. Avatar

    Get back to work guys and go back about your business before we actually see some shocking figures

  39. Avatar

    she needs to sort out what she needs to say as very poor delivery with numerous mistakes, self-corrections and ums – appalling

  40. Avatar

    UK made same mistake what Italy made.
    It is sad to see this.
    Hopefully this terrible time goes away soon

  41. Avatar
    Claudius Vertesi

    RESEARCH AGENDA 2030!!!              
    DEPOPULATION is the GOAL!! TOTALITARIAN GOVERNMENT, Total Control, No Rights, No Freedome, Toxic ID chipped Vaccines, Cancerous 5G 60ghz Military Towers EVERYWHERE!!!

  42. Avatar
    Claudius Vertesi

    RESEARCH Agenda 2030!!
    Problem, Reaction, Solution 
    The Goal is Totalitarian Communism by 2030
    #plandemic #totalcontrol #totalsurvellance #norights
    Coronavirus is the Masquerade/Explanation for the 5G 60ghz horrendous symptoms that got ROLLED OUT just a few months ago in the EXACT LOCATIONS where people feel HORRIBLE!!
    NEXT: One World Digital Currency (NO more FREEDOME or PRIVACY), Toxic ID chipped Vaccines by Bill Gates who owns the patent since October 2019 & taking away of more Rights & Freedome!!!
    DEPOPULATION to 750 Million by 2030
    #toxicvaccines #5g #martiallaw
    DURING Quarantine more Intensely CANCEROUS 5G Towers are being INSTALLED in Schools & EVERYWHERE!! 

    READ THIS:  http://www.searchforthetruth.co.uk/agenda-21
    WE NEED TO SPREAD AWARENESS before it's too late!!!

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    Claudius Vertesi


  44. Avatar

    That Karma and the rest on the way .

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