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UK PM sets out his ‘new Jerusalem’ vision for post-Covid UK

There was no audience and no applause – but Boris Johnson’s keynote speech to the Tory conference was in typical swashbuckling style. (Subscribe:

He set out his vision of a post-Covid Britain, declaring he wanted to build a new Jerusalem with opportunities for all. And despite warning that the country could not simply return to normal, he pitched the pandemic as a catalyst for change.


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  1. Avatar

    Thatcher never got the UK rich to replace the dead wood and weeds she had pulled out. She needed foreigners to do it….and being in the EEC was the carrot.
    This time Boris is destroying viable businesses ….and has no carrot.
    The UK rich will still not rebuild the UK.

  2. Avatar

    I didn't hear Johnson use the term "new Jerusalem." I hope he didn't. It would be troubling to hear a Prime Minister talk in such religious overtones.

  3. Avatar

    The waffling mophead's place is in prison.

  4. Avatar

    He's more liberal than Conservative. Giving 95% is a good idea as 50,000 families are losing their homes because of his lockdowns.

  5. Avatar

    Boris Johnson can’t even run a comb through his hair, never mind a country

  6. Avatar

    This Brexit was bought to you with funding from Vladimir Putin and Russian donations to the Conservative Party.

  7. Avatar
    Paul Havrylak Havrylak

    Johnson sounds like a dictator he uses the same language and propaganda and slogans.

    Johnson is not fit to governing Great Britain he's getting a very dangerous dictatorship

  8. Avatar

    Our government is incompetent, our Scientist are incompetent, it's a joke at moment. They should open everything back up and follow Sweden's approach before it's to late.

  9. Avatar

    Notice the Extensions,
    Bb 🐝
    Its awl capitol, ef hewl

  10. Avatar

    The left can’t handle it because the Tories are now the party of the working people

  11. Avatar

    Have a look at the how the Conservatives took this 'red wall'. They did it because Farage gamed the system and split the vote with his mystery funding. Are these seats safe? Not without further Faraging.

  12. Avatar

    REBELLION!!! We have to invoke, CLAUSE 61 OF MAGNA CARTA,

  13. Avatar

    New Jarusalem what New Palestine more like go away Boris go away.

  14. Avatar
    Christina Massey-Stucki

    He could start small: Support the barber businesses by visiting there (barbers also cut and groom hair). 😂

  15. Avatar

    The Red Wall was about mass immigration: nothing more, nothing less.

  16. Avatar

    I still think Johnson's "new golden age" is him and Cummings urinating up our backs.

  17. Avatar

    We are doing everything the government commands us to do. And yet the covid rates are rocketing. Now, what does this mean? Who exactly has lost the plot?

  18. Avatar

    Bo jo and Hanckok are psychopaths!

  19. Avatar

    He does copy President Trump in his speeches .

  20. Avatar

    Say what? . Can't we just get rid of these stupid masks already?

  21. Avatar

    BTB = Boris Talking Bull or Ox

  22. Avatar

    Jam Tomorrow, Hooray !

  23. Avatar

    You can stick your New Jerusalem
    And England's green and pleasant land
    NO UK

  24. Avatar
    Anthony Robertson

    time to put bojo in prison for cor porate manslaughter

  25. Avatar

    People have seen him for what he is. Tyranny

  26. Avatar

    He's becoming Lady Macbeth who's losing her conscience and mind

  27. Avatar

    All politician NEED REVIEWED WORLD IS CHANGING Especially those higher up the @. The capstone 👁🌟👁

  28. Avatar

    So hi, an American here. What’s up with Borris’s hair? Is that on purpose or does he style it that way? Well at least he is not orange like our president. Stay well, remember your country is doing much better then America.

  29. Avatar

    In 2020 is this the best the UK can come up with as PM? Boris all bluster, fluster and jingoistic prattle; this is not leadership, it is feckless spectatorship,

  30. Avatar

    Dont question bojos mojo 😂

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar

    The two most allegedly powerful men in the world must be sharing their spin doctors ……dear God help us all. Meanwhile the world struggles on.

  33. Avatar

    eifodtowitgitg tufjjusnhsushhzt5tudryu

  34. Avatar

    We have global corporations and a global economy. He seems to think the rest of the world won't be involved in any UK problems!

  35. Avatar

    Link Brexit to Russian money and influence … then watch the sockpuppets from you know where act up for you!

  36. Avatar


  37. Avatar

    More shoeboxes in the sticks, where no sod lives, and there's nothing, and you have to get in debt to be forced to buy a car you need to get anywhere. Total bs!

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