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UK on alert for deadly coronavirus as four people are tested

Britain is braced for more potential cases of the deadly coronavirus as four possible cases are tested in Scotland.

Professor Jurgen Haas, head of infection medicine at the University of Edinburgh, said three cases are being checked out in the Scottish capital and the other is believed to be in Glasgow.

And he believes there will be many more potential cases in other cities across the UK.
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  1. Avatar

    61,000 people die in the US from the flu itself stop demonizing China 🙄

  2. Avatar

    God forbid if this virus arrives in the UK nhs already is under immence pressure it will cause huge chaos all around the uk

  3. Avatar

    The intro is like a Resident Evil film.

  4. Avatar

    It was ww3 talk a couple of weeks ago and now everyones just going to be going on about this. Mass hysteria is far too common in the west.

  5. Avatar

    This virus only affects elder people not young people

  6. Avatar

    “Chinese people coming to our country bringing in dangerous viruses”

  7. Avatar

    The media had to come up with something for people to worry about while Trump kicks their arses in the impeachment trials.

  8. Avatar

    Just take some paracetamol and it should be fine

  9. Avatar

    Time to ban travel from China temporarily until this scare has ended because our nhs won't cope

  10. Avatar

    Stop spreading it around the world🙄

  11. Avatar

    😂😂😂 hope it kills some remainers lol

  12. Avatar

    The virus was patented by the cdc in 2015 lol

  13. Avatar

    The time when Chinese people are disregarded as Sicc

  14. Avatar

    Thank goodness the NHS have an abundance of quarantine rooms – ffs!!!!!

  15. Avatar

    “There should’ve been more at Heathrow” yet he’s the one who knew he was sick and still decided to go out

  16. Avatar

    Check.out my Ebay shop selling face masks £50/each

  17. Avatar

    UN Biological warfare.

    "A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal." (Ted Turner)

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