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UK must prepare for ‘no deal’ Brexit, says PM Boris Johnson

The UK prime minister says it is time his country prepared to break away from the European Union with no trade deal.
With the Brexit transition period ending on January 1, Boris Johnson told Brussels there is no point continuing negotiations unless it changes course.
EU leaders say they are willing to keep trying.
Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan reports from London.

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  1. Avatar

    Get us out Boris. EU IS PAPPING THEIR SILK SHEETS BEDS. 70MILLION % OUT. No deal Bozzer🇬🇧💯😷❤️🙏

  2. Avatar

    Walking away with a No deal , you have played right into Sinn Féin’s hands , you have triggered a referendum under the good Friday agreement,if successful Unification of the island of Ireland will happen . And there is nothing you can do boris

  3. Avatar

    Canada, Japan, South Korea contribution nowhere near the UK contribution to the EU. Yet they are getting a better free trade deal than UK. Keep in mind The Eu has a trade surplus of £80bil with the UK. The UK has been the 2nd/3rd net largest contributors to the EU, top contributors to the UK intelligence and security, the UK has been the source of incomes for 3.5m EU citizen working in the UK. In addition, the UK will be paying £39bil just to get the deal that Canada, Japan, South Korea get it for free. The only EU interested in the negotiation is to make sure that the UK to get punished for leaving the EU and to ensure it will not prosper outside the EU.

    Remember what Barnier said he wanted "to teach the British people and others what leaving the EU meant” Which organisation punish their members for leaving?? Due to the ruthless and uncivilised nature of these organisations, offhand I could only think a few exist in this world. Mafioso type organisations, Secret sect organisation for their member undermining order, ISIS/DAESH.

    No deal is by far much better rather than to sign the level playing field with ECJ role in it, to allow the EU vessels to plunder the UK water, to allow some part of the country to be controlled by the EU. In the past taking a country sovereignty would mean a declaration of war.

  4. Avatar

    When you become selfish and think others getting food because of you lose your own as well this is how the nature works

  5. Avatar

    And then your own poor people pay for it

  6. Avatar

    European Union returns UK. No deal Brexit

  7. Avatar

    i have the same mask like merkel :/

  8. Avatar

    the uk cupping their own people for brexit

  9. Avatar

    No deal Brexit?Wouldnt it be better if UK had stayed in EU instead of no deal Brexit?I though Brexit was supposed to make everybody better in UK

  10. Avatar

    They talk about fishing but something else is happening, is the same like corona covering the real main issues behind.

  11. Avatar

    Remember 2015, when a Labour government was "dangerous for the economy"…? 🤦‍♂️

  12. Avatar

    The Great Reset continues, it's called Rothschild micromanagement.

  13. Avatar

    UK wants to take advantage of europe whitout giving back …

  14. Avatar

    When I was in UK. I saw empty boarded up streets under a constant grey sky, litter everywhere. Homeless people sleeping in doorways. Opioid addicts out of their mind and women so drunk they urinated on the streets. It's a sad declined country.

  15. Avatar

    We dokt need reebok in europe ! We have addidas !

  16. Avatar

    The British people will pay for No deal Brexit because the import taxes will increase and the government will have to increase the prices of almost everything

  17. Avatar
    Original. Rum & Coke

    Funny how most of the comments are not even from english people!! people around the world dont seem to have a clue why the english people voted to leave.. But then again why would they! oh yeah and they are bitter that we voted leave!! I guess powerless people resent people with power!! and now im going to back and wait for the crying replies lol😂

  18. Avatar
    Mohammad Rafiq khawaja

    Macron is no good for UK he is trouble maker

  19. Avatar

    "I think its better for both sides to reach an agreement, but not at any price" not interested in your fluff england…dont let the door hit ya

  20. Avatar

    U.K. is taking a dive and guess who will bet against the £ again !?

  21. Avatar

    Good for Britain 🇬🇧✌️ Brexit ✅ Next!

  22. Avatar

    The unification of Ireland is entirely up to the Irish do you really believe the uk would cry if
    that happened. Mainland uk would be far better off. The reason the uk has left the Eu was
    because they had a vote on it and the leave side won. So we left, simple democratic process.
    Only problem was traitors in the government didn’t want the vote to be followed through and
    tried to overturn a democratic process that was a big error as the people in the uk are very
    good at making liars and cheats pay for trying to stop democracy and they voted Boris to
    see us out.

  23. Avatar

    Johnson hasn't made good on any of his Brexit promises… None!!!

  24. Avatar

    UK still talking BREXIT.

  25. Avatar

    go away from EU Gestapo! simply leave!

  26. Avatar

    A deal with the EU now would be like taking back an abusive partner in the knowledge they only want revenge.WTO lets go.

  27. Avatar

    You voted to leave. Then you CRIED FOR HALF BREXIT, SOFT BREXIT, HARD BREXIT…. JUST PACK AND LEAVE. No cherry picking. Stop wanting to sleep with your husband after DIVORCE. why wait for JANUARY if you are serious Mr CONMAN.

  28. Avatar
    About Things Podcast

    This soap opera is getting a bit too long to the point of becoming annoying

  29. Avatar
    Jacqueline Kingdom

    Well done Boris and team

  30. Avatar

    Ok UK just get the fo, EU is tired of your tantrums.

  31. Avatar

    Johnson’s decision surprising nobody! Terrible shame of course. Millions of deaths to account for nothing.

  32. Avatar

    Frost to Barnier: Can you ring back in half an hour? I'm busy, mate!

  33. Avatar

    Hahahaha nobody… seriously NOBODY can be surprised by this. The UK is a mess and never had a decent plan.

    Having the same deal as a country on the other side of the planet with your neighbors you have a highway connection with is incredibly lame. Negotiating 101 – if you have no power don’t play hardball.

  34. Avatar

    Russia wins again… This is exactly what Putin wants Europe fighting with itself and America fighting with itself 👏

  35. Avatar

    Let them go. They will come back

  36. Avatar

    Johnson went from canadian style to australian style. I bet the next will be dog style.

  37. Avatar

    Brexit in Europe and Obamacare in us is like deadrocks not easy to move

  38. Avatar

    No Deal best deal

  39. Avatar

    If the price iß freedom dont bother

  40. Avatar


  41. Avatar

    Time for Britain to simply walk away & send the east euorpean migrants back to their homeland

  42. Avatar

    🇬🇧 WTO 🇬🇧 the best way to freedom

  43. Avatar

    Enough of negotiating… EUSSR wants to control. UK must and will walk away from this Undemocratic Union. No DEAL is the DEAL, UK will prosper outside this block and EU doesn't like the idea.

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