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UK government to extend food clubs to tackle holiday hunger – BBC Newsnight

BBC Newsnight has learned that the UK government is set to give extra money to councils to extend Henry Dimbleby’s food clubs, a food programme which was trialled in England’s most deprived local authority areas. Please subscribe here:

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended his refusal to extend free school meals for children in England over the half-term holiday, saying he was “very proud” of the government’s support so far.

He said the government will “do everything in our power to make sure that no kid, no child goes hungry”.

As pressure has risen on the Prime Minister, including from his own Conservative MPs, to rethink the issue, communities, cafes, local businesses and neighbours are stepping up — and shelling out — to fill a hole government policy has

What effect is this having on the UK’s most vulnerable children?

Newsnight understands the government will adapt a pilot scheme from the summer — led by restauranteur Henry Dimbleby, who now leads the government’s National Food Strategy — to provide a Christmas holiday food programme. Is this enough to tackle the problem of holiday hunger and food poverty?

Newsnight’s Political Editor, Nick Watt, and Policy Editor, Lewis Goodall report.

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    Let traitor johnson and his cronies go to a food club..no caviar and champagne.
    Just normal food..see how long they would last.. SCAMDEMIC PLANDEMIC
    Take nothing from the enemy!

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    Great to see Lord Robert Winston he knows all about children and the BBC!

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    Horrifying? Really? More anti gov sensationalism from newsnight. Nice choice of school by the way, ever so subtlety comparing Britain to a third world country.Very clever auntie. Are white children starving aswell bbc? or are they all 'privileged' and fat?

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    Starve a kid, save a quid, eh Boris?

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    Don't really get this need for a debate, feeding kids should be a no-brainer. Use of the word 'Rebellion', is anyone suprised that this is even on the table? Gov have been shitting all over the place and expecting us to ignore the smell and smile as it rains down from thier over paid arses…

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    When did we vote this pathetic Liberal Government in? 🤔

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    Disband the Royals, & kick Parliament out of office, as they don't care about the welfare, safety or health of kids.
    >>>WTG RASHFORD<<<

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    Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2

    End the BBC licence fee.

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    So the tory rats house illegals and give them free handouts and don't feed poor kids? I'm happy I live in a labour safe seat. I didn't vote for this disgrace.

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    Defund the BBC an give the kids the money

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    Maciej Wróblewski

    No story about what's happening in Poland? Really???

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    Glad I do not pay to watch the BBC trash!

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    Андрей Игоревич


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    Jacqueline Arthur

    And what happen if people can’t get out and some children could be fussy on what there eat and some would probably prefer the vouchers and I have seen what some food bank give you it disgusting band sorry I hope he doesn’t get in next general election yeah and some children didn’t get laptop it’s horrible how these poor children aren’t getting help and the government need to take a pay cut on the pay rise there got that is just greedy and there don’t care about the children in poverty sorry don’t like what I say don’t comment back

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    Hello BBC. Remember World Trade Center Building 7? By far the 'clearest case' of controlled demolition you will ever see.

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    Single young mum with 4 kids on the jeremy vine phone in said she could manage, she cooks the meals and spends the food vouchers wisely.

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