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UK government spent £150 million on “unsafe” face masks for NHS – BBC News

The British government spent £150 million on 50 million face masks that can’t be used by the NHS because of concerns that they don’t fit properly and won’t protect staff from the coronavirus.

Labour has called for an inquiry into the way the contract was awarded.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Lucy Manning.

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    How are they £3 a mask yet they brought in bulk… someone’s getting fired!

  2. Avatar

    It’s expensive and doesn’t work

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    O lord protect me from the oppression politician in india

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    TheCrimsonChip :

    So in other words they used this money for illegal means and this is the cover up

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    Oh my days man………. c'mon

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    But the poLICE are unfit for purpose yet they're given billions. Go figure 😒👍✌

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    Don’t worry about it. The Bank of England will just print more 😂

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    Send them back to the company, and ask them for a refund.

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    Seems about right lol
    We've had monkey's steal a vaccine and the RAF goIng to Turkey for PPE that wasn't ready then waiting for the order , only bringing less than half back and they too were not up to the standard…. Didn't Somone steal a few hundred thousand PPE a few months back?…..3 people and 2 vans and nothing mores been mentioned about that incident.

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    May I take this opportunity and wish the UK taxpayers a happy 2021!…..£150million spent on masks that are not useable…….!Have Londoners paid off the cost for the Olympics yet? What about HS2 with its rising cost? £53 million paid for the Garden Bridge – that never happened. The promised compensation to Grenfell and Windrush victims yet to be paid out. The furlough scheme estimated at £14billion per month. And fanfare…final bill for Brexit! Keep splashing out Boris is all I can say!

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    They fit and work better than the ones the NHS normally use.
    Report on that you lying commie fks.

  12. Avatar

    Who tried the sample on before ordering?

  13. Avatar

    Elizabeth is missing home.
    And her out Landers.

  14. Avatar

    They can resell them to the mask wearing zombies in public.

  15. Avatar

    The Gov got SCAMMED|

  16. Avatar

    They didn’t… the money disappeared. just an excuse.

  17. Avatar

    My mask has ear loops.

  18. Avatar

    No worries…we pay taxes!!!!!

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    this government is such a joke

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    🤣 this reminds me of the BBC’s control of licence payer’s money

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    The tories wasting tax payer’s money, not the first time and won’t be the last

  22. Avatar

    £3 per mask? For fifty million masks?! Even if they fit perfectly and were usable that's still a gross misuse of public funds.

  23. Avatar

    Why listen to Bill.Gate's 'health misinformation' he's not a Doctor, and not worked in a hospital, stuff his vaccine (2 paracetamol in liquid form for the made up virus)

  24. Avatar

    How do they not have the common sense to buy a sample to see how they work and fit. What a waste of our money

  25. Avatar

    Quick cut off the ear bits and sell them as sanitary towels

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    no worries better times are at hand .youtube.com/watch?v=d4H12Mx11Bo

    relevent comments have been futile youtube.com/watch?v=6_cTDrUd8LY worldpeacegroup.org and maharishi ayur veda

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    Please…..You don’t have to feel disappoint . Let’s you surch Japanese Abenomask
    that one is more terrible than this face mask

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    Just for clarification, that's about 10,000 annual minimum wage salaries wasted by the government

  30. Avatar

    Take them back if you've still got the receipt

  31. Avatar

    Basically, money laundering.

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    Good old labour party and their great ideas let's waist more money on a pointless inquiry and forget about the aircraft carrier with no planes

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