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UK Government coronavirus update: Almost £300m to help public transport return

Transport Minister Grant Shapps leads the UK Government’s daily coronavirus press conference. (Subscribe:

Mr Shapps is joined by Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England Jenny Harries.


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  1. Avatar

    Boris couldn't be arsed again.

  2. Avatar

    300 Million isn't enough.

  3. Avatar
    Official GamingFFC

    Presses loads of keys on keyboard, Under anger at the rubbish they talk at these briefings, I just hope they are aware what is coming ( not Cummings) for them all

  4. Avatar

    Johnson still isn't saying who paid £15,000 for his holiday!

  5. Avatar

    Lay it on thick… The chances of death from this is not even 1% … Unless you are old and sick you'll have no more than flu or not even notice it. But let's continue ruining people's lives, destroying businesses. This is an agenda

  6. Avatar

    avoid the rush hour#??? these people are bonkers! work is aligned to rush hours as they are based on the times people have to go work!!! I am absolutely appalled by cummings and johnson and the rest of their advisors the TORYS ARE DOOMED!

  7. Avatar

    Cummings breaking lockdown – and being defended by Downing Street for doing so – is beyond silly. It's going to get a lot sillier too.
    A lot sillier …

  8. Avatar

    Why don’t we just end this lockdown our selves lies and there controlling will have to stop

  9. Avatar

    There is no safeguarding issue here. Also he’s a grown man he’s capable of looking after a 4yr old. Many single parents have to do it under much harder conditions. Suspect the story of Covid is false?

  10. Avatar

    I back Boris 100%! He could literally push somebody under a New Routemaster in the middle of Oxford Street and I'd still back him 100%, if it turns out the pushee was a Loonie Lefty, BBC watching Remoaner, I'd back Boris EVEN MORE!! Boris the GREATEST PM EVER! Only Commies, Remoaners and Traitors disagree! God Save the Queen, the Dear Leader Boris, the Great Leader Trump and the Ever-Victorious Nigel too!

  11. Avatar

    Answer and cuestión farmaceutics the over the planet.. The WWW(red mundial informacion) mesh worldwide information.. Outh others.

  12. Avatar

    The video that Y.T. will not permit. on Biit Shoot now. It's all a con. https://www.bitchute.com/video/aNjeT1G6iGTh/

  13. Avatar

    My God..! politician's MP's and Scientist who talk & talk a lot..!
    but talking load of bullock..!
    no Action..!
    wouldn't trust my life in their 👐 hands..!

  14. Avatar

    Trump man will sort you tyrants out .

  15. Avatar

    It's a Brexit government, only put together to deal with Brexit. They are incompetent in dealing with a crisis like this. It's blunder after blunder.

  16. Avatar

    You will be out next election 👍

  17. Avatar


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