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UK 'disappointed' and 'surprised' after EU takes intensity out of post-Brexit trade talks

Draft conclusion prepared ahead of the summit called on talks with the UK to be continued “intensively”. But the conclusions agreed on Thursday merely said to “continue negotiations”.


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  1. Avatar

    Can't wait for the Blair and Major cliff edge……

  2. Avatar

    You've not done any trying at all. You've only told us your demands. Can't wait to see the back of you

  3. Avatar

    Each side thinks they can survive and prosper without the other. Let's try it and see how it works out.

  4. Avatar

    Deutschland or La France will never agree to a UK trade agreement in the absence of a similar trade agreement with the USA as the leaders of 27 would be signing their name s to a Atlantic Economic and Trade Area against them and EU can pay the tariffs into the UK internal market and at least then the British would not have a level field with the Americans and EU both .

    The British have armada of Countries arriving soon that will make trade arrangements with UK that the EU cannot stop and their 26 Countries are more value than the 26 counties and will the EC impose a hard border in Ireland to safeguard their Customs union against a open border to USA and trading partners including UK via NI

  5. Avatar

    “Determined to reach a fair deal, provided the UK gives in to our blackmail demands!” — there, fixed it for you Goebbels…I mean Barnier.

  6. Avatar

    If the EU persist in refusing what we want then end it NOW. No further talks .What is the point of dragging on with this .
    We voted to leave so the country is behind the decision to end the talks NOW. Only Labour with Remainers want this to drag on and on .
    We will be welcomed around the world so CANCEL any Theresa May betrayal agreements

  7. Avatar

    Hi Boris. If you don’t walk away tomorrow then the entire UK voters will know you are actually May in disguise. A remainer pretending to be a Brexiteer. Are you indeed the puppet the EU think you are. Imagine the respect you will get if tomorrow you walk out of the farcical negotiations and the incrimination if you don’t.

  8. Avatar

    Get out of the EU Now, Walk away!!

  9. Avatar

    M.Barnier SAYS one thing NOW,but has said OTHER things over the last FOUR YEARS!

  10. Avatar

    Disappointed and Surprised? Is this CNN lol.

  11. Avatar

    The guy from Sweden needs to see his doctor

  12. Avatar

    A fair deal is impossible the eu want our shirts, NO DEAL.

  13. Avatar

    This is your moment Macron can finish his fishing industry and create division in the Eu. Walk away now!!?

  14. Avatar

    Well they have only 20 minutes left!!

  15. Avatar

    My, my. The UK made quite the bed for herself. Will she want to sleep in it? Thats what you get for putting your trust into selfserving charlatans.

  16. Avatar

    Those who think WTO is great have no idea what it is, it means competition with much cheaper countries, the British will have to work very cheap just to have a job, the average payment is only £ 2.70 a day, yes a day, if Business can`t get people to work this cheap they will go out of Business, Farmers forget it to make a profit, in the US a farm worker only earn $ 4.40 to pick a ton of tomatoes, it will be much cheaper just to import even with tariff, the car industry in the UK will soon be gone, sure McLaren and Rolls Royce say they will stay but for how long, they are still owned by foreigners, forget about Airbus in the UK it will also be gone in a few years, Rolls Royce Jet engines will soon be made outside Berlin in their new factory, millions of jobs will leave the UK and it will hit the service sector very hard, the job loss in the UK will be in the range of and in between 4 and 10 millions and they will all fight for a job and then soon people will work very cheap just to buy food.

  17. Avatar

    Idle threats do not work

  18. Avatar

    No sorry the UK isn't disappointed Or Surprised this was expected, You have to laugh at the dramatics.
    WTO is what the Majority of Brexit voters insist on, Brexit voters never wanted a deal that is what the Remaniacs wanted.
    10 more weeks is nothing to the last 4 years of stalemate, Time to Move On. Tick Tock.

  19. Avatar

    Brexit now, NO DEAL!

  20. Avatar

    All you ever hear about the's days is covid19 covid 19 covid 19 , ore the deth count has gone up by 10 thoughsend + or covid is on the rise ,for f—ks sake chang the effing record,

  21. Avatar

    The EU is still playing the long deal and now their tactic is playing the victim and ask for fairness, the EU needs to accept that the UK are now back to a sovereign country and as a result the waters and fishing rights in international law revert back to the UK. The only option for both sides is going to be unsatisfactory as they cannot agree on their respective red lines and without any time limits and movement means it all has to end in a no deal and move to WTO terms, both side will suffer with lost jobs and no fish but eventually trade will go on worldwide and little agreements will be made as a relationship and opportunity arises. Finally Brexit has revealed the huge lack of trust and honesty between all of the nations of the EU and have a lot to learn before the wounds will repair themselves.

  22. Avatar

    Just two words ..f*** them!

  23. Avatar

    Ah, this moment when the world class poker player goes to showdown and British government still looking for pick-up sticks. 👍

  24. Avatar

    The French are being awkward because they know that if they lose the fishing rights they will just let the fishermen block ports whilst on land every barrier to trade is used. Any government that surrenders to the old enemy will be finished.

  25. Avatar

    Bunch of twats ( what do he mean by fair deal ( more EU bull 💩 just walk as promised it's dead line day ( and still there )

  26. Avatar

    Where is U-Turn Boris? I thought he will make a decision on the 15th? This guy is absolute useless as a leader because how can it be a thread when he always change his mind. Nobody takes him serious.

  27. Avatar

    Stop making a fool of yourself and us ,Boris.

  28. Avatar

    Boris say what you do and do what you say. or the people will remove you at the next election

  29. Avatar

    UK getting slapped around like an old hockey puck, while the world laughs at them

  30. Avatar

    please god, lets hope our politicians let us leave without a deal

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