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UK Covid crisis – what the scientists say

We spoke to Prof Yvonne Doyle, medical director at Public Health England. (Subscribe:

We began by asking her why we could be looking at more deaths this winter than in the first phase of the disease.

We were then joined by Prof Liam Smeeth, a clinical epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He’s also a GP.
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  1. Avatar
    Flowers inherhair

    Did you find the very most worried looking scientists to put on the video thumbnail purposely?

  2. Avatar

    “Acceptable number of death” wtf Channel 4

  3. Avatar
    Christine Jackson

    So how do people know they have cv? When cv and flu are the same. The uk government and the CDC down graided cc to the flu. Why ant you reporting this?

  4. Avatar

    Ch4 ‘forgot’ to put this in context so I will. NHS data shows that only 39 people under the age of 40 have died directly from Covid. Scaremongering season has begun…
    (Tab 3)

  5. Avatar

    Bullshit hoax

  6. Avatar

    Radiation poisoning no virus only the dumb fearful idiots fall for your bullshit

  7. Avatar

    Loads of elderly vulnerable have continued shielding during and since the lockdown where i live in north west norfolk.

  8. Avatar
    Flowers inherhair

    The CDC in the US puts the COVID mortality rate at less than 0.05% for those under 70 years of age.

  9. Avatar
    Dominus Lucretius

    We will track you and trace you, and lock you up, you will be good citizen

  10. Avatar

    This lot are going to jail, as well as many many more call it the Nuremberg trials mmm… There are cases being prepared for trial as I speak

  11. Avatar

    We have kept in our own small social groups and family bubbles and followed the rules and no one we know has had covid. Why can’t everyone else just do that?

  12. Avatar

    Channel 4 persuing their anti government stance yet again. "You cannot teach stupid" if you listen the message is very clear. Imposing a blanket lockdown makes no sense …. complete lunacy. It is not at all clear that it is working in level 3 areas anyway …. why would closing the entire country be any better?

    No figures given on how many people are returned back into the community after hospitalisation.

  13. Avatar

    Maybe if we made a few adjustments to the law on tobacco. We could save 7 million lives globally each year. But are we really concerned with people dying prematurely.

  14. Avatar

    Decline in COVID19 deaths might also be mainly due to the full stops on Trump's FAKE "cures" as Hydroxychloroquine and BLEACH!

    In fact FYI, I am 100% certain that NY and NY's death tolls were initially that high mainly due to the Trump admin FLOODING those "Liberal" areas intentionally with said heart-crushing anti-Malaria medication.

    Other than that little ignored medical and political detail though #AskDerrick wouldn't what we right now in Oct 28 2020 know about the virus and the recent ongoing strong American increases in hospitalizations contradict the Trump admin's ongoing "Herd Mentality" uhm I mean Herd Immunity approach?

    Then the next consequential question would be: wouldn't giving businesses and big Pharma "immunity" WHILE knowingly obstructing adequate pandemic response, for months as pertaining in the #WoodwardTapes , not in fact constitute an attempt of Planetary Genocide by president Trump and his ilks?

    FYI, yes it does! 😊😷🤗😘😍

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC;

  15. Avatar

    Professor Yvonne Doyle …. I hope you're as good at dodging the virus as you are questions 💀

  16. Avatar

    Scumbag media with their bullshit scaremongering as usual

  17. Avatar

    C. Provide ALL medical personnel and carers in homes for the elderly with PPE…PPE…PPE!
    D. Apply the HAMMER i.e. a FULL LOCKDOWN for a short spell, support the needy during this phase and then learn to DANCE with the virus until a vaccine becomes available!

  18. Avatar

    America and UK was wrong from the start
    We all have a rise of cases because
    Schools were open
    Bars was open
    No mask mandate
    That’s why We are in trouble

  19. Avatar

    Most people who comment on YouTube are plain crazy.

  20. Avatar

    Footnote: Provide needy pupils with LUNCH! For centuries we have been made aware of the fact that a deficient diet reduces immunity!!! Save Lives!!!

  21. Avatar

    America and UK was wrong from the start
    We all have a rise of cases because
    Schools were open
    Bars was open
    No mask mandate
    We are in trouble NOW

  22. Avatar

    In March 901 a week in hospitals with coronavirus, lockdown, reopening. Now 948 a week going into hospitals and over 300 deaths a day.

  23. Avatar

    Just open up, and get free body bags posted out. It’s getting silly now.

  24. Avatar

    When everyone is doing it we are a team. Divide the team and we struggle. We have a split in our motivation.

  25. Avatar

    Will she ever answer a simply question?

  26. Avatar

    It's winter the NHS is always overrun now that pneumonia and influenza are being included in the coronavirus figures as stated on the public health england website of course the figures are goin to go up, even if coronavirus didn't exist there will be days of 1000+ . You need to ask yourself why are they trying to fool you, what is there real agenda.

  27. Avatar

    So channel 4 are with borris on this today
    1600 dead everyday in the uk, 10000 a week, 600.000 a year all non covid, 18.000 die from flu a year, 50 a day, 350 a week all non covid so lockdown should be permanent according to the science

  28. Avatar

    It’s either full lockdown or everyone out and about,full lock down get virus down,everyone out and about gets it and maybe it disappears.

  29. Avatar

    In summer they said it will spread more because its getting warm lol https://youtu.be/lKCTkLJbtT4 watch this

  30. Avatar

    This dumb tier system is gonna kill thousands more…..Hopefully it will kill the Tory party off for good after this winter.

  31. Avatar

    Never seen a interview one sided again lefty

  32. Avatar

    I wonder what the Barrington Scientists are saying now, and what their views on Long Covid are? Big answers are needed for the post-viral fatigue, that for many seem to have no end in sight after six months.

  33. Avatar
    claudia figueiredo

    Is this 300 of covied where are the victims of other diseases can we see the numbers of that and not all lump on covied !!

  34. Avatar
    Chicot The Jester

    There are no excess deaths from last year this month. The flu killed more in the first three weeks. Why does the media never report this?

  35. Avatar

    Can British journalists STOP being so combative. Your job is to ELICIT not argue! We decide on what's rubbish because we can cross check. We're not the same as an American electorate. Give us SOME credit!

  36. Avatar
    TheFastAndThe Dead

    I did not quite get an answer there from Professor Yvonne Doyle. Was this just me or is she being evasive?
    I thought the whole point was to get a cohesive answer.

  37. Avatar

    The tier system doesn't work, we need a national lockdown now so we can have some kind of normality for Xmas because if we don't we will be locked down then. It's not hard to see if you've kept up with this since the beginning.

  38. Avatar

    The human race cannot beat nature!

    When the human race interfere with nature, ie genetically modifying food and crops and mosquitos…you know it will run out of control exponentially!

  39. Avatar

    Please can someone explain why she kept dodging the question? She's a doctor not a politician, what has she got to lose from being honest lol…

  40. Avatar
    Kay Ahern Soul Party Singer


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