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UK Covid-19: Crowds gather in Nottingham ahead of Tier 3 despite police warning

UK Covid-19 response: A gathering of youngsters in the streets of Nottingham gets out of hand ahead of the implementation of Tier 3 restrictions. It took place on St James Street which has a number of pubs and bars, some of which are prominent student bars.

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    Игорь Оржев


  2. Avatar

    If these people catch COVID then i can't say it will be a shame, but i do feel sorry for the people who will be catching it from them.

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    'This is nuts this.. It's mental… Never seen anything like this…' What like 40 people drunk & singing football chants outside a pub?

  5. Avatar

    One word (albeit hyphenated)…. Water-cannon.

  6. Avatar

    surely if covid was dangerous all 40 of these guys would be dead? just bs

  7. Avatar

    Well this is exactly what covid asked for nice and healthy yum yum yum

  8. Avatar
    joseph hetherington

    And they say we mustn't blame the younger ones.

  9. Avatar

    People doing correct that they protesting against tyranny and the Covid BS. If Covid is so deadly as they announce the streets must be full of dead bodies. Only SHEEP cannot understand it. Stop this Covid HOAX and please let's get back to normal life.

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