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UK claims Brexit trade talks “are over” unless EU shifts its position – BBC News

Downing Street has said that Brexit trade talks are over and “there is no point” to negotiations continuing unless there’s a fundamental shift in the EU’s position.

Boris Johnson says Britain should get ready for leaving without a deal on January 1st, after an EU summit in Brussels concluded it is the British who should be making concessions.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Europe editor Katya Adler and political correspondent Iain Watson.

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    Get the fuck out of our waters, get the fuck out of the British people’s lives we don’t know you and don’t wanna know you, and get your hands off my money and private life fuck the EU and fuck everyone who thinks otherwise 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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    At least we haven't just wasted the last few years away , doing
    absolutely nothing……oh wait !

  3. Avatar

    eu saying nope uk you can't trade with other eu countries…other countries say what?

  4. Avatar

    We shouldn't negotiate with the fascist EU. It ended horribly 80 years ago when we tried to negotiate with a facisist government and it will end horribly again if we do.

  5. Avatar

    are youtube comments only full of drunk and high people? not just this vid but every vid lol……everyone including myself seems dumb haha

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    The EU will go off the cliff edge. Let's hope they don't start any major wars to save their failed economy.

  7. Avatar

    Death to the Fourth Reich

  8. Avatar

    Look through the comments, it's honestly embracing how many British people don't realise that their country doesn't have an empire and struggles to even be the third most important country in Europe…

  9. Avatar

    The fact is that the UK has a right to be an independent country (like it has been for most of its existence). It did absolutely nothing wrong by leaving the EU. Good trade deals benefit both the EU and the UK, but evidently the EU can't stand the thought of the UK prospering because then other European countries would start to wonder why they need the EU. The EU want to exact a punishment upon the UK for leaving, and the UK is unwilling to tolerate that punishment, so here we still are, in an endless stalemate.

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    Anonymous [0][0][0]

    Ha ha all you Brexit voters will put the country in doom ,thanks idiots 👍 leave this sinking ship

  11. Avatar

    Finally we're getting something done.

  12. Avatar


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    NOW WATCH WHAT HAPPENS..!!! ..The French Fishermen will be trafficking more people now for more money..!!!!..

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    Enough is ENOUGH 20016 t0 2021 ? We voted to leave this Bureaucratic Suffocating Constitution at our demise to this Gravy Train and Freeloaders. Just stop it 45 year's ago and leave now!!!

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    Dont give them give them a carrot

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    Fuck off all you Marxist, death dealing destoyers of the western built in blood, immense suffering and world beating tech.

    Go fuck off frogs

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    Finally. Its taken long enough to pull the plug on this farce of a negotiation. When the EU gets tired of its member states raging at it for losing them trillions in business and millions of Jobs, the UK will be here, ready to sign that Canada style FTA the EU themselves had suggested, then refused to allow.

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    When you take your ball and go home, they expect you to gtf home Boris.

  19. Avatar

    No deal a Brexiteers dream.. true Sovereignty.

  20. Avatar

    Loolz they have been TOLD not to come out of the EU….let's see wat happens

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    showbizz ki duniah

    Why uk you did this https://youtu.be/xO4QSkPjLyo 😢

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    UK be brave and stay the path of no agreement

  23. Avatar

    Boris bluff that will backfire on him.

  24. Avatar


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    Wayne Rooney 1:41

  26. Avatar

    Great job by Boris and the Tories. Didn't they say a great deal with the EU would be easy peasy? Just the reality landing of all those lies. To protect a party against Farage they took the irresponsible path that led to this Country shooting itself in the face. Bad enough with that, but now Covid as well. I hope all you Brexiteers get what's coming. Shame the sane ones of us have to suffer too.

  27. Avatar

    remember in history when diplomats and representatives were effective. now governments are poor facade crumbling with time.

  28. Avatar

    No deal brexit will be a disaster for average britons. I encourage people to educate themselves on the true intent behind brexit https://youtu.be/_HDFegpX5gI

  29. Avatar

    EU is holding these countries hostage.

  30. Avatar

    Trade talk will becomes Tade War sooner than you think.

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    Bikers with Bibles

    Boris said that since he got in. He doesn't want a no deal he want us to get the worst deal possible. He's a traitor and a liar! Lock them all up and tear down the parliament building.

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    Let's go Boris…heads high…don't you dare give in!

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