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Uganda: Bugoma forest reserve facing destruction

Environmentalists in Uganda say a protected rainforest is being destroyed to make way for a sugar plantation.
The Bugoma forest reserve is home to hundreds of species of animals, including endangered chimpanzees.

Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb reports.

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  1. Avatar

    This entire world is facing destruction. Wars, natural disasters, murders, corruption, earthquakes, rapes, etc etc. Yeah we're really close to total destruction.

  2. Avatar

    Why cut down the forests it's a lot of medicine in there

  3. Avatar


    01:14 Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍❤️

  4. Avatar

    Why people are doing this… Please don't kill mother nature, it is not only our home but also animals. They are equally important as human's. Some big hand should stop all this cruelty.

  5. Avatar

    Dictators only mind abt there stomachs

  6. Avatar

    They need to stop this, also that activist at 0:43 is not there, looks like a picture behind a green screen. Uganda is so big this sugar plantation could be built well away from this forest. Ruin a forest of that size you ruin rain that falls and contributes to some of the start of the river nile which will have impact on other countries including Egypt.

  7. Avatar

    Sheila Nduhukire the pro of Hoima Sugar doesn't know the owners. Very shameful. We want our forests not sugar. Africans can survive without taking sugar. Even it causes diabetes.

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