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U.S. Surpasses 8 Million Coronavirus Cases | NBC Nightly News

Coronavirus cases are climbing across the country as some hospitals are out of ICU beds and states set new records for infections. Some regions report that they’re experiencing a third wave of the virus.
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U.S. Surpasses 8 Million Coronavirus Cases | NBC Nightly News

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    Despite recommended precautionary measure, some American are still too stubborn to follow such precautionary measure.

    I'll salute to all American Health Worker who goes beyond their line of duty and their battle against Coronavirus Pandemic.

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    More truth – https://ussanews.com/News1/2020/10/15/watch-international-group-of-medical-doctors-call-covid-19-a-hoax/

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    the only big problem is ——— nobody's sick and nobody's dying..!

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    Watch also the videos here and dive down the rabbit hole: https://plandemicseries.com/
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    21 million more cases and it'll match last flu season.

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    The GOVERNORS were in charge – NOT Trump. Each governor and mayor opened and closed as per his/her own choice. Trump had no say in any of this. The governors are responsible. See for yourself March 2020 https://youtu.be/_NKlBE0F0SU

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    "Millions of cases, very few deaths"

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    Its just that nobody wants to listen Trump is setting a really bad example to America and his followers he really needs to do better if Biden gets elected i hope he sets a better one

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    Nothing short of a pandemic

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    Twitter CENSORS Government Website EXPOSING Joe Biden Corruption, The LIES About It, Total INSANITY

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    Except 99% of those 8 million cases are passed it thru their system.. More fear mongering

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    Because the hospitals only have 8 ICU beds and are mixing other diseases with covid.

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    Everyone please read this excerpt….
    "Most people cannot see that it (totalitarianism) is happening, for the simple reason that it is happening to them. They are literally unable to recognize it. They cannot perceive the totalitarianism that is taking shape now, right in front of their faces (or, rather, right inside their minds). Nor can they perceive the delusional nature of the official “Covid-19” narrative…….Such people are neither ignorant nor stupid. They have been successfully initiated into a cult, which is essentially what totalitarianism is, albeit on a societal scale……..Their initiation into the Covidian (covid19) Cult began in January, when the medical authorities and corporate media turned on The Fear with projections of hundreds of millions of deaths and fake photos of people dropping dead in the streets. The psychological conditioning has continued for months. The global masses have been subjected to a constant stream of propaganda, manufactured hysteria, wild speculation, conflicting directives, exaggerations, lies, and tawdry theatrical effects. Lockdowns. Emergency field hospitals and morgues. The singing-dancing NHS staff. Death trucks. Overflowing ICUs. Dead Covid babies. Manipulated statistics. Goon squads. Masks. And all the rest of it……The “science” argument is officially over. An increasing number of doctors and medical experts are breaking ranks and explaining how the current mass hysteria over “cases” (which now includes perfectly healthy people) is essentially meaningless propaganda, for example, in this segment on ARD, one of the big mainstream German TV channels.

    And then there is the existence of Sweden, and other countries which are not playing ball with the official Covid-19 narrative, which makes a mockery of the ongoing hysteria.

    While it is crucial to continue waking up as many people as possible — which is becoming increasingly difficult due to the censorship of alternative and social media — it is important to accept what we are up against. What we are up against is not a misunderstanding or a rational argument over scientific facts. It is a fanatical ideological movement. A global totalitarian movement … the first of its kind in human history.

    And thus, the cult/culture paradigm has been inverted. Instead of the cult existing as an island within the dominant culture, the cult has become the dominant culture, and those of us (the logic-minded critical thinkers) who have not joined the cult have become the isolated islands within it.–CJ Hopkins"

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    Hmmmm I wonder why smh people just do not care about this pandemic..simple as that it’s not rocket science.

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    It is becoming very clear now that this COVID-19 pandemic appears to have been engineered by the NWO Cabal (led by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Bilderberg Group, International Bankers, George Soros, Bill Gates, and other globalists) in collaboration with China (through the Wuhan Virology Institute), the Deep State (thru the CDC & NIAID), the United Nations (thru the WHO), the GAVI, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the World Economic Forum (that conducted a massive viral pandemic simulation called Event 201 in October last year that showed how ill-prepared countries are in facing such a pandemic), to bring down the US and the world economy and create fear, panic, chaos and deaths, so that this NWO Cabal could expedite the implementation of a One World Government ruled by them. Bill Gates has also been promoting worldwide mandatory anti-coronavirus vaccination, incorporating microchip implants into those vaccines as a universal ID. BEWARE the "Mark of the Beast" spoken of in the Bible (Revelation 13:16-18). Patriotic and God-fearing citizens of the world should strongly REJECT THESE EVIL AGENTS OF SATAN who must have executed this diabolical attack against our people, economy, sovereignty, freedom, liberty, independence, human rights, and our cherished way of life.

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