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U.S. Sees 1 Million Covid Cases In Three Weeks | NBC Nightly News

At least a dozen states are soaring to all-time highs for Covid hospitalizations. In states like Wisconsin, where the average daily number of deaths have more than tripled, ICU beds are now at 90 percent capacity.
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U.S. Sees 1 Million Covid Cases In Three Weeks | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Avatar

    Criminal Trumpanzee must hold accountable
    Must lock crackhead up for life

  2. Avatar

    This virus is not going any where.

  3. Avatar

    FAKE NEWS……….

  4. Avatar

    Tests are garbage just a tool for their narrative
    Only 6% died of covid as the only cause

  5. Avatar

    Tests are 100% bogus…
    They are bankrupting the economy on purpose

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar

    It was never about a virus
    It was always about control

  8. Avatar

    COVID-19 SUPER SPREADER MAD KING DONALD brewed a potent TOXIC NARCISISTIC BREW, and ICE CUBE is still chug-a-lugging it full-strength when he claims that dollars bring dignity!

  9. Avatar

    And we still see record levels of government malfeasance on this. It is akin to malpractice

  10. Avatar

    For some reason, the lady recovering from covid after 190 days reminds me of RBG

  11. Avatar

    Only terrorists dream about death and horror !

  12. Avatar

    Anyone who believes 1 million people got COVID in three weeks….should be shot on principle–for their stupidity. It is an election year, and it is less than a month away….COINCIDENCE ???

    NOOOO….this is Democrats trying to get you to do mail-in voting….by scaring you to death.

  13. Avatar

    No surprise whatsoever. Fauci and Co. have been warning of a second wave when fall weather drives us all indoors. Got teepee?

  14. Avatar

    Spend a few shekels on PREVENTION.Don't send all of your money to Netanyahu's campaign fund.

  15. Avatar

    fake fake fake fake fake fake

  16. Avatar

    Most folks are pretty stupid. I am a 40 year RN. What is wrong you folks?!?

  17. Avatar

    If Biden wins,Fauci will say:"What-a virus?Old-a country,maybe.Not-a this-a country."

  18. Avatar

    Who doesn't take this seriously?!?!

  19. Avatar

    Adjusted for population,we lost many more during the Asian Flu of 1957.Nothing shut down because Eisenhower wasn't running for re-election.Nor was LBJ in 1968.

  20. Avatar

    When you end up in my ICU, I want to hear EVERY excuse and how much you LOVE Trump.

  21. Avatar
    Muyambwa Mumonaliywa

    The belief that it can't happen to me SHOULD be discarded. Simply talk to people who spent days in incubator to appreciate that side effects will linger on for the rest of their lives

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