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U.S. Nears 8 Million Coronavirus Cases | NBC Nightly News

At least seven states are setting new single day records as the U.S. averages nearly 50,000 positive cases a day.
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U.S. Nears 8 Million Coronavirus Cases | NBC Nightly News

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    funny how you never talk about the 250,000 daily cured cases compared to 50,000 new cases daily. Always with the fear mongering

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    watch?v=cYPftrtJUUM – children die with high probability due to wearings masks. German police does not allow forensic investigation

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    Not deaths anymore huh, they’ve moved on to just cases? Cases!! Let’s count all the cold cases now and this is what u get. Cases everywhere.

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    To quote Dr. Fauci from TWiV #461 (5-minute mark), any PCR result using over 35 cycles is "just dead nucleotides, period." – i.e. a false-positive.

    Now, to quote NY Times 8-29-20: "Most tests set the limit at 40, a few at 37. " NYT found 90% were set way too high. Geit it? This is not hard to understand. It's over!


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    Let's all play the Covid version of Russian Roulette. No masks! No self-isolating!
    You know it makes sense.

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    another year to go
    cases and deaths will double
    that's if they create a vaccine in 2021 distribute and administer to billions of people

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    Was your father a Trumper. Yes, he was, sorry for your loss. Be honest and help other AMERICANS live.

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    Pure lies. Do not believe the media and politicians lies about this nonsense virus. They are are involved in this worldwide plan-demic. Let's stand up, fight back, and get our normal lives back!
    This hysteria is not about any virus (that we know has never been proven to exist). This about an AGENDA. Nobody would even know about an alleged "new" virus (covid19) if they didn't hear about it "on TV". Why do people still believe this c-virus nonsense? This is not how humans are supposed to live. Just use basic logic and common sense. This is a well-orchestrated hoax virus that is part of a worldwide pharmaceutical industry, Bill Gates (the biggest funder of the WHO and CDC), and media agenda to scare the entire world into believing the only solution is mandatory vaccinations. No medical or science degree is needed to know this. Almost EVERY "test" will be "positive" for common colds or normal flus because it is part of the planned agenda. Nobody has died or is infected (cases) from covid19 (an alleged "new strand" virus that has NEVER been proven scientifically to exist), and do not allow them to keep you muzzled (masks) like zombies and caged (locked up in your house) for their agenda. The daily, scare-tactic images, reports, theories (e.g. asymptomatic), and statistics of unknown/nameless people are part of the brainwashing. Do not just blindly believe and comply to all of this nonsense. This has gone on too long!
    The goal is to create FEAR everywhere in the world. Constantly seeing people in masks creates constant fear. The constant fear leads people to accept anything that will alleviate the omnipresent fear. The (fake) vaccinations for the (fake) virus is the savior in the minds of people all over the world. And B. Gates and his WHO will go down as the saviors of the world. This guy (Gates) has been evil with his vaccination ideas for Africa and the world for years now. Now, he's going full scale to implement his plans by getting many governments and politicians involved.

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    Want to end this pandemic quickly and safely? Write to our leaders and get them to read and follow the steps in the book Beating Covid by Shawn Jyg.

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    I mean America is already been destroyed.

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    In the 5 months since May there has been a 3x increase in deaths (70K-210k). In the 7 months since March there has been an 100x increase in cases (70K-7Million). Projection: Jan 2021. 630,000 deaths. May 2021: 70 million cases (10x increase in 7 months). 2 million deaths. 2022: Coronavirus potentially has circulated through entire US population. Total US death toll. 9 million. You have a 1 in 33 chance of dying by 2022.

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    CDC's Director stated that a fully distributed vaccine will take 8 to 12 months FROM ITS APPROVAL. Trump is for HERD IMMUNITY, which will expose seniors in massive numbers. 10% of seniors die from covid while survivors are left debilitated.

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