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'Twitter has adopted my grandad' – BBC News

Ayla Winter-White’s 82-year-old grandad Keith has become a social media sensation after she posted a video online.

Ayla, 20, from Ascot in Berkshire, needed an extra pair of hands after having hip surgery.

Grandad Keith became her knight in shining armour, but it is his unusual talent that captured people’s hearts.

His granddaughter’s original Twitter post has been seen by more than 11 million people.

Video journalist: Robyn Montague

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    POK COK Tibet Tum dono ko dena hi hoga chahe jitna bhi jor lagalo Pakistan and China yahi parmeswar ki Vani hai Jo ki saty hai

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    pizza adopted me and now im a piece of meat

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    I thought it was gonna be the story of Pawpaw and his hamburgers

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    This guy is so supportive and loving to his family 💗. I can't stop smiling 😁

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    Bless him…. I miss my grandad….

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    What a waste of tax payer money

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    Well my grandad is like that so he's not special and my family Is Sicilian

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    If I had to be adopted by a big website , I'd choose YouTube as I'm on it the most, and used it for years

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    Lovely story!!!! Thank you for sharing your granddad with us.

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    So handsome Yu are (grandad)😁😁😁👌👌👌it's show purity of love ♥️♥️♥️💯🕺🇮🇳 IND

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    That's so sweet of Twitter. Usually they're too busy Banning people that have a different opinion than their workers.

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    BBC should stick to these kind of things. They shouldn't poke nose in internal affairs of other countries.

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