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Twitter CEO speaks out after tech giant suppresses NY Post's Hunter Biden story

Jack Dorsey calls blocking the sharing of link to New York Post story without explanation ‘unacceptable’. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Avatar
    Zoltan Gremsperger

    dems love liars running for presidency

  2. Avatar

    Elect Trump for a 2nd term, he can't do a 3rd, so he can take on Big Tech under anti-trust regulations. They will fight back dirty, but what does Trump care, his base love him, he can't stand for re-election and he's already comfortably wealthy. The US needs to get these Tech Oligarchs accountable for their actions.

  3. Avatar

    Its going to hell in a handbasket

  4. Avatar

    IT'S OVER.

  5. Avatar

    The integrity of Facebook and Twitter is unbelievable. Just part of the swamp.

  6. Avatar

    Of course there is a connection. Politics is about money and power. What and who you know. How did Betsy Devos get an Admin job eh? You don't think the Trump organization and his kids get special treatment from overseas business contacts?

  7. Avatar

    If they ever jail Zuckerburg it will have to be inside a Faraday Cage.

  8. Avatar

    😂😂😂 Right – Wing crazy’s are going to lose the election 😂😂😂

  9. Avatar

    Hahaha cry me a river Trūmp supporters. Such snowflakes ❄️

  10. Avatar

    What's new. It's just more brazen now than last year, and so on. Americans need to realize how powerful they can be, especially whence united. The Pelosi-Schumer bunch and the bureaucratic deep state must be lanced and sterilized. It's shameful how much we tolerate. We, the people, can and must take back our nation.

  11. Avatar

    And Zuckerberg's Facebook also actually changes the words on those users' comments they don't like. And there is proof of this . And where will this end, Tucker asks…? If these emboldened leftists running these high tech social media outlets are allowed to continue in their authoritarian and censoring ways, soon we all might be singing "L' Internationale", but in Chinese, just like the CCP likes it…

  12. Avatar

    Trumps days are numbered. He will spend more time in prison than the white house.

  13. Avatar

    Trumptards, don't feel bad. You are not smart. You don't know any better.

  14. Avatar
    Jeff Laffite Jones

    Facebook suspended me for 3 days for posting the Biden corruption and just used the false accusation of inciting violence to suspend me.

  15. Avatar

    Cat is out of the bag Jack

  16. Avatar


  17. Avatar

    Tucker, anyone with half a brain knows the masks provide minimal protection because the virus is transmitted via aresol, making it airborne. Those dumb masks dont provide air-tight inhalation of ambient air. This observation can be made by a 5yr old with common sense. The mass media is a liar and conspiring with the globalists to influence the 2020 election and usher-in mandatory vaccination. Duh!!

  18. Avatar

    He’s not lying about big tech

  19. Avatar

    Biden is not going to the oval. If by some means of widespread voter fraud he does "win" the electoral college, he'll never make it to the oval.


    We The People. We are the ultimate remedy.

    When finding a "Biden" sign is as hard as finding in a needle in a haystack, when no one comes to a Biden "rally", when Harris is the least liked presidential candidate of 2020, when Biden and his son are under doj and senate investigation for serious crimes and crimes attached to the 2016 Election of President Trump – how is it possible to think Biden is winning the race when the entire Nation is covered in Trump signs, maga hats, Trump gear, Trump boat parades, Trump vehicle parades, endless Trump flags, mugs, stickers, pens, rock glasses, etc – you name it and America is awash in Trump gear!

    Biden could win any contest. Not even a lying contest because no one even believes his lies!

    So you mark my words – if by an act of evil biden wins… well, Trump is still staying in the oval and over 100,000,000 People like me agree.

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