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Twitter and Facebook's action over Joe Biden article reignites bias claims – BBC News

The way Twitter communicated its handling of a controversial article about US presidential hopeful Joe Biden was “unacceptable”, its chief has said.

On Wednesday, Twitter prevented people from posting links to a New York Post story, warning those trying to click it that the link was “potentially unsafe”.

It only later explained it had limited sharing because the story contained “hacked materials”.

Facebook also took action, limiting the report’s distribution in its news feed.

It said it had done this as part of a “standard process” to give third-party fact-checkers time to review the content and decide if it should be treated as misinformation.

However, it is highly unusual for an article published by one of the mainstream popular newspapers to be treated in this way.

It is now less than three weeks until Mr Biden, the Democratic candidate, faces the Republican incumbent Donald Trump in the presidential election on 3 November.

The moves by Twitter and Facebook have renewed accusations of social media censorship and bias.

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    Trump 2Q2Q landslide 😀

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    There's something just deeply displeasant about Biden, all I'll say is he's got a good team of lackey's who cover up his misdemeanors well, but watch the allegations of whatever come crawling out the woodwork if he gets elected as POTUS.

    You may think Trumps bad but you ain't seen nothing yet once the shit hits the fan for Biden, just wait and see.

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    Ffs why do we get bombarded by the yank trash shite, damned if you do damned if you don't, to hell with both of these bosos, are the ppl of skanksville really gonna settle for a supposedly lesser evil, I say boycott the whole thing and someone bring on kanye West, he'll know what to do……. 😕

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    If your reporter had studied the case, she wouldn’t have used the “hacking” in her report. How can you literally liars in front of people who following the news every day? Why the BBC stand by the lefties? Why? 💰

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    The right always call themselves "Alpha" and yet they're always crying about how victimized they are by left. Poor babies.

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    This story has only just started, it won't be long before the media cannot hide or supress it.

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    Not a mention of course about the hundreds of alternative media YouTube accounts that have been taken down today. What a surprise, now we are stuck with fake news only, Ha, you wish BBC pr0pagand@. There are many other platforms, what then? are you gonna shut down the internet?

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    Disinformation reporter 😂 so this is where our licence fee money is going. Can't wait to get my next licence letter so I can go online and opt out of it.

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    BBC Spends more than £35Million to force the over 75's to pay up for a license or face bailiffs.

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    Didn't take any action on the Fake Russian allegations against Trump or the source of his Tax Returns. BBC Fake News why do you not mention this ????????? You are supposed to be an un-bias News Outlet..Pathetic. The sooner you are de funded the better.

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    this is a good summary— biden should be in jail with the rest of his crime family

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    You guys are full of $"£T

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    BBC fake news

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    Gabriel-Mihai Bobis

    Trump is right

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    Grandad LovesTheo

    George sorus

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    If you ask me they are finished quoting the reason for hacking yet all those stories about trump and hacking was aloud…government of the world sort this rubbish the the agendas of theses companies that are rewriting free speech

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    Proves everything

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    Liers they didn't block all the crap about trump on their platform

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    Why not hacking ?? Of course it’s possible !!
    And top politicians give laptop for a repair with all the date on it? Even I don’t do that !!

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    They messed up big time, finally proved to all that they really are, liberal leftist leaning and not unbais at all.

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    What about trumps illegally obtained tax records did that violate anything or the Atlantic’s already debunked story on trump calling veterans losers when they published it. The bias is real and dangerously close to having an irreparable effect on the public’s trust of the media.

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