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Turkey earthquake: drone shows buildings reduced to rubble in İzmir

Drone footage captured buildings reduced to piles of rubble in the Turkish city of İzmir on Friday after a strong earthquake struck the Aegean Sea, setting off tidal waves which slammed into coastal areas and islands. Search and rescue operations continued at 17 collapsed or damaged buildings, Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency said.
Powerful earthquake rocks Turkish coast and Greek islands

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    Devin Creisler Studios

    So 2020.

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    2020 can't get any wor-

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    Next: Dinosaurs

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    In 2021 we'll be like:

    2020 was better🙂

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    I live in Izmir. The earthquake was terrifying. I said "Give up, you're dead now."

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    OMG When did it happen?

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    Look what they wrote:

    “How poignant to see Kent garagiste Nigel Farage interfering in the US election, much in the way a drop interferes in the ocean. Farage is appearing at the odd rally for his emotional support president, Donald Trump, which tells its own story about where the US leader is at, psychologically speaking, for the final days of his campaign. On Wednesday, Trump gibbered to a crowd: “I’m glad I called him up.” So is Nigel’s agent.”
    salty guardian left wing

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    Planetary alignment between Pluto, Jupiter and Earth. The Saturn, Jupiter, Earth planetary alignment will be worse Earthquake around 21st December 2020.

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    Only intelligent humans can be genocidal.

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    Crimes Across The Globe


    because of the Farage attack by the Guardian. Dodge lot you guys, pretty dangerous to say the least.

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    2021 will be awesome

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    My Condolences to Turks Who Lost Family Members & Speedy Recovery to the Survivors.

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    Shame buildings are constructed so shoddily in Turkey. They need to look to Japan…

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    I’m shocked – another earthquake 😔🙏 what a shame – could have saved lives – that’s in your conscience – anyone involved knows that you could have saved people’s lives – that’s unforgivable

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    Prayers to the People!

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    people be waiting for 2021 like covids gonna expire on December 31st

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    Our thoughts and prayers for those in Turkey

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    Thoughts and prayers inshallalah

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    COVID-19 for everyone: earthquake and COVID for turkey ;-;

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    I blame brexit for 2020

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    typical Guardian all picture no sound. Obviously no drone code there.

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    The gods has spoken! Stop fighting for me.

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