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Turkey earthquake: Dozens trapped as 22 killed and 500 injured

Rescue teams are searching for survivors after an earthquake flattened buildings in eastern Turkey killing at least 20 people.

Officials say more than 500 people have been injured and around 30 are trapped in the wreckage.

Sky’s Enda Brady reports.

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  1. Avatar

    Very sad, and preventable with a little rebar.

  2. Avatar

    Some idiots are happy about this but don’t realize that many kurds live here in the south east

  3. Avatar

    Lol praying for Help from god but why did God did the earthquake in the first place then

  4. Avatar

    May God help us in these situations

  5. Avatar

    The punishement of God for libya syria ……where is their satanist jew Erdogan. …

  6. Avatar

    the place, the country and the nation don't matter. what matters is humanity. there is only one truth: WE ARE NOT ALONE AT ANY TIME 😔

  7. Avatar

    They had a earthquake in turkey and got gobbled up

  8. Avatar

    Must be the fault of Climate change.

  9. Avatar

    Wow 2020 is going all over the place

  10. Avatar

    why is this on western media ?

  11. Avatar

    Keep em coming… Antayla next pls

  12. Avatar

    Turkey will once again come under Christian domain

  13. Avatar

    has anyone else noticed that highly religous countries get massive disasters out breaks of nasty viruses and bio stuff happen?

  14. Avatar

    Its not even Feburary and we almost went to war, fires in australia, a deadly virus is spreading and now this…

  15. Avatar

    All these events before the second coming of Jesus Christ.

  16. Avatar

    The world 🌍 disaster are all over the world now let’s us love and forgive one another Allah loves us Amen

  17. Avatar

    2020 just keeps getting worst…….WW3 , outbreak, austrailias fire etc =/

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