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Turkey: 'Armenia must end illegal occupation of Azerbaijan'

A Turkish presidential spokesman has told Al Jazeera that Ankara does not believe a credible ceasefire can be achieved in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan unless Yerevan ends its occupation of Azeri land. Ibrahim Kalin also states that unless the Minsk Group tasked with finding a solution to the crisis acts impartially, it would lose credibility. The senior Turkish official also denied claims that Ankara has been facilitating Syrian fighters to take part in the conflict.

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  1. Avatar

    MODERN WORLD this is YOUR FAULT!!! This is DIRECT consequence for NOT PUNISHING turkey for committing 1915 Armenian genocide and the rest of the aggression and terrors in the region!!!

  2. Avatar

    Idiots!!! Syrian Armenians and all the Armenians from all over the world go back home to defend their mother land!!! UNLIKE YOU JERKS we did not hire anyone!! STOP looking in the eyes and repeating the same lie over an over ! the hired ppl are running away, they are the ones giving an interviews saying turks hired them for $1,300 a month to wok in Azerbaijan yet it happened to be a participation in the war!!!

  3. Avatar

    no matter ho well you lie the HISTORY HAD PROVEN that erdogan is a psycho !! blood thirsty terrors brainwashed all of you for more power in region!!!

  4. Avatar

    Al Jazeera is always not truthful n bias.. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    I agree with a Turkish man.
    is AZERBAIJAN Territory.
    Armenian civilians are ALLOWED
    to live there.

    NOT Armenian Governmental authorities…

  7. Avatar

    Why don’t you make some “actionable” plan to accept the fact that you committed a genocide in 1915, before you lecture the world you Turk

  8. Avatar

    You can cry occupation 10000 times, but it doesnt make it any more true. One nation two dictators.

  9. Avatar

    Armenians are an Indo-European race, native to Anatolia and the Caucasus. Their civilization has existed for 6000 years, and they were Pagan's before Christianity. Nomadic Turks are from Central Asia and invaded this region only recently.

  10. Avatar

    Really well spoken 👌🏼👌🏼😎

  11. Avatar

    The mere fact that Mr. Kalin is refuting the fact that Turkey has organized, financed and sent a few thousand Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan to fight Armenians, loses all his credibility regarding anything he says.

  12. Avatar

    Turkey should get out of Northern Cyprus, that's also illegal orcupide.

  13. Avatar

    He is the man with balls, Great Answers 🇹🇷, Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  14. Avatar

    Then turky should give Armenian lend back to Armenia

  15. Avatar

    Just end the occupation. Thing will be back to normal, what the use of cease fire again for the 2nd time if the occupation of NK status remain the same, tackle from the bud. Turki doing the right thing, according to the PBB

  16. Avatar

    How can people who lived in the region for thousands of years (and there is DNA proof for that) be occupants of their own land? There are medieval churches and monasteries there. Did occupants build them?

  17. Avatar
    Ömer Kürşat Yanık

    Sayın kalın boşuna konuştun birkaç saat sonra Aliyev bey anlaşma sağladı Rusya ile beraber zaten. Madem karistirmiyirlar sizde bizi zorla karıştırmayın rica etsek

  18. Avatar

    Syrian president! Who is he? Assad is a number one culprit in the world. Only Assad used chemical weapons on Syrian people. He is a dangerous & notorious killer in the 21st century.

  19. Avatar

    Kosovo was an internationally recognized part of Serbia but it was given to the Albaian majority. Handing a majority Christian land to Turks will not end well. And with the Wests overwhelming military power why do we even listen to thwae

  20. Avatar
    Concerned Professional

    Armenians lived in Karabakh for millennia! Karabakh has NEVER been part of the independent azerbaijan. After the collapse of Soviet Union, azerbaijan became independent from USSR, just like Karabakh became independent as well. Karabakh will never become a part of the dictatorial and bloodthirsty Azerbajian and Turkey!
    turkey must end illegal occupation of Western Armenia: Kars, Ani, Erzrum, Van, Mush, Sasun, Mt Ararat, etc., all of which are covered with the blood of innocent Armenians killed by the ancestors of this smooth talking spokesperson… azerbaijan must end illegal occupation of Nakhichevan!

  21. Avatar

    this jornalist seems to be supporting Armania they way she defended Armania and critisize turkey role in supporting azerbaijan but she did not mentioned about France supporting Armenia

  22. Avatar

    Its armenian land because by the sounds of it they've occupied it the longest and its there place of origin. or its not theirs because someone decided it's not hmmm I can't remember who's side I should be on , I was always taught not to steel.

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