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Tucker: There's nothing authentic about Kamala Harris

Tucker on why this is the most important vice presidential debate in history. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Avatar

    Sad to say but hillary would be more likeable than harris. If she is that arrogant and rude now, just wait til sleepy joe returns to the grave and leaves that demon in charge.

  2. Avatar
    Adam Wuttemberger

    Hhhmmm brown woman speak truth lol😄 is she American Indian or India Indian

  3. Avatar

    We will never be ready for a socialist

  4. Avatar
    Kismutt Rescue Kimberly Thomas

    ♥️Tucker. Keeping it real!

  5. Avatar

    I think her evil nature is pretty Authentic..
    That evil satanic laugh she has is pretty Authentic..

  6. Avatar

    Mr. Tucker you always talk about breaking down your story break down the fly on Mike Pence head

  7. Avatar

    Speak facts because your truth is made up.

  8. Avatar

    She is not truth, she speaks with clacking tongue and lying eyes!

  9. Avatar

    Can we just all speak Truth….I mean..I speak English…so I'm open to learning a new language, and if its called Truth then so be it Camela

  10. Avatar

    She cant be President ever. Why when she was born her Mom and Dad was not Citizen of the usa until few years. Ago she was around 5 for her. Citizen ship. AND SHE NOT OF COLOR SHE NOT BLACK. IF SHE BLACK THEN ALL WHITE'S BLACK TOO 😆 IT BE NANCY PELOSI

  11. Avatar

    I can’t stand Caramel Harris’s voice… I cringe every time she talks… YUCK 🤮

  12. Avatar

    She can be good-lookin' though.

  13. Avatar

    Still better than trump

  14. Avatar

    Her name in India means destroyer. No truth in her, for her father is the father of lies.

  15. Avatar

    Every time Pence called her out on her lies, she would get a stupid grin on her face. Ugh. I just want to Slap that look off of her face!

  16. Avatar

    What about the truth that Willie brown spoke😂

  17. Avatar

    Tuck, ya gotta leave your freemason luciferian boys in the treehouse. Jesus already won.

  18. Avatar

    How ironic that she tells her useful idiots that she will "speak truth." 😂😂😂😂

  19. Avatar

    Have No respect for woman who slept with Married Man A Judge lets speck truth keep your legs close to married man. How awful she did that to another woman. Judge said he gave her the job cause she slept with him. She did not even qualify for that position but he gave it to her because they slept together since she can do that lets judge her by her character then? To me her character is not a good character what a horrible person she is hurt woman .How could she do that he was a married man I don't want someone like her in the government office she's a horrible person and I don't like her character for which I'm judging her by she lies a lot like Joe Biden. And yelling racist everyone sick of it. There is No racist just excuse sue people get money so they don't have work for it. Just lazy people. Go get a job. As for her. She like Nancy Pelosi evil witch.

  20. Avatar

    That's exactly what I have been saying. She is a phony and goes wherever the wind blows to advance her career including splitting her legs.

  21. Avatar

    About half this country will vote for Biden/Harris. Let that sink in.

  22. Avatar

    Fox is posting less and less of Tucker.. Anyone else notice?

  23. Avatar

    Nobody wants her as President. She is just as bad as Hillary.

  24. Avatar

    Imagine listening to that revoltingly condescending voice 24/7…

  25. Avatar

    Casper, The Fly-Catching Ghost, and his Puppeteer, The Criminally Insane Orange Sphincter, refuse to answer if they will accept the decision of American Voters. Dear America…..Welcome to Putin's Russia !

  26. Avatar

    I pay attention to who keeps their promise. So far just about every promise Trump made to the American citizens he has kept. Some couldn't due to the virus which is no fault of his. Then I look at the 47 years of promises from Biden and found he hasn't kept any!
    Then I find Harris was jailing folks for pot then going home to smoke pot! Sounds just like the Obama administration!

  27. Avatar

    Trump 2020..all the way with Mr. President

  28. Avatar

    Obama did not not endorse joe biden for the good of the country. He doesn't care about this country.

  29. Avatar

    "Speak truth"-start with yourself, Senator.

  30. Avatar

    Boy she's into that phrase let's speak truth too bad she does not know the meaning of the phrase anyone that would deliberately hold that evidence and have a young man thrown in prison for the rest of his life does not speak truth she has no empathy and no Gilt no compassion she deliberately you new this man was innocent and had the proof to prove it and held that proof back and the man was sentenced to life in prison how sad. The only thing important to her was winning she never gave one thought about this young man and his family that speaks volumes about This Woman's character. Don't trust the polls the Democrats are wanting us to feel defeated they're phony we are going to win and we're going to win big Trump 2020. It is our country depends on it.

  31. Avatar

    She is horrible

  32. Avatar
    Gybrush Thriftwood

    Tim Kaine..

  33. Avatar

    Sounds like tucker's threatened by the only worthy candidate in the race

  34. Avatar

    At the end of the debate, her husband left his mask on for pnotos. Even he is ashamed to be seen with this demon..I mean woman.

  35. Avatar

    Kamala Harris outfakes even Pelosi, which is no small feat. Amazing that there are good people out there still willing to elect her president (which she would become after Biden resigns 18-24 months into his presidency, if elected).

  36. Avatar

    How can she talk about this is the being the worst economy. Well no crap!! China virus….dumb dumb!!

  37. Avatar

    Even Tucker shows how out of touch with reality he is. Has he been to any store in the past 6 months? They all have plexiglass installed. What a total waste of air, such phony .1% showing he does not do anything for himself.

  38. Avatar

    She’s repulsive.

  39. Avatar

    Watch out from hindu afro pagonism.they are using our labels to bully you.its an infection .

  40. Avatar

    216,818 deaths 7,777,014 covid cases after the WH took control of hospital data from the CDC, 1000 Americans dying every day from the Trump virus, 'it is what it is' Trump has covid is fake news so that he does'nt have to debate Biden again and talk about his non payment of tax.

  41. Avatar

    She is a piece of work, ain't she.

  42. Avatar

    Pence says so much without saying anything. A cardboard cut out has more personality than this looser.

  43. Avatar

    Kamala 🧠 you dropped this.

  44. Avatar
    Firstname Lastname

    Nothing authentic is right. You all are being scammed, Kamala is really Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1/2 drag. Can't you tell by the neck?

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