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Tucker: Ordinary citizens stand up as politicians cower to the rage mob

For weeks, we’ve asked who will stand up for our country. The answer, we’re learning, is Americans. #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Avatar

    The only thing that couple was missing is more guns and ammo and people to help them, no security or cops to help, if attacked its TARGET PRACTICE TIME, they have every right to defend their lives and property, if help isnt there, and if the authorities made a conscious decision to not help, then any amount of idiots they take out is perfectly ok and not enough, too. Those thugs have nerve to threaten the lives of that family who were just defending theirselves and property, those who broke in WILL get what they deserve if they push further.

  2. Avatar

    Good thing these ignorant mobs don’t make their way to the country. Real Americans living in the country wouldn’t put up with this crap. We’d end it quickly. No mobs, No Liberals, No Biden. Trump for life. America first.

  3. Avatar

    How long until Witmer starts handing out weapons from the state armory to rioters to shoot homeowners who resist having their homes invaded?
    We are approaching civil war, democrats are barreling the country straight into one.

  4. Avatar

    Self defense or to protect your property is a right . Don't be manipulated by those thugs who use race as an excuse for you to do nothing. Stop allowing your country from being destroyed from within.Freedom does not mean ….just doing whatever you want.

  5. Avatar

    Eliminate the threat.

  6. Avatar

    This is exactly what happened during the south african uprising in the early 90's and take a long hard look at that country today, and know that this country will fall to exactly the same fate if allowed to be controlled and ruled by mob violence…identical types of white wealthy middle class whites a lot of them women were at the front of these riots, as seen above… it is history repeating itself…

  7. Avatar

    This is pissing me off because I KNOW I AM NEXT.
    And you MR/MRS AMERICAN if you are not awake and alert now maybe you deserve all that you have worked for ripped away from you.

  8. Avatar

    Want to control your world then conduct yourselves as intelligent beings that knows about respect for one and another. That knows how to do what is right and wrong without being told about double standards and hypocrisy. What's right is right! And what's wrong is wrong and take it to court! Abide by the laws of your lands! That simply means anything else is uncivilized!

  9. Avatar
    2muchcensorship Liberalfools

    Guess I should visit Minneapolis before it burns to the ground ‼️

  10. Avatar

    dont you just love how those statues fall on the ones who are pulling them down.

  11. Avatar
    that guy with the face

    Left media: peaceful protesters


    Me: so the truth is somewhere in between those?

  12. Avatar

    We are organizing, hold your horses.. The commies have been planning this for awhile. Even in their current forms they have been scrEEEEEching for at least a decade.

  13. Avatar

    They are hypocrite psychos with no brain 🥴🤪

  14. Avatar

    Cause suffering and then complain real people are suffering.

  15. Avatar

    I hope so so so bad a big mob goes to that libertarian’s house!

  16. Avatar

    Too easy. I 'll start setting up sandbags around my home and mount a couple of 249's , 50 cal and an M320. I guess that should somehow defend myself against this stupid mob rioters, nothing but a menace to the crippling society!

  17. Avatar

    Tucker… I quote lando… there's more of us

  18. Avatar

    Did Jerry Taylor get his twitter account locked?

  19. Avatar

    "… the city around them became dirty and dangerous…" – Tucker Carlson African American subtext

  20. Avatar

    Jerry Taylor… Not a libertarian.

  21. Avatar

    I like the Soy Boy with the American university tee-shirt.

  22. Avatar

    That lady is a G. 😂

  23. Avatar

    My God those poor people . America is is gone .it's sickening From Ireland

  24. Avatar

    This is resembling the pre revolution days of Russia more and more. This was the state of affairs in Russia before the Bolsheviks forced their way into government. It also shows how many cells of Marxists have been put into place just waiting their chance. The Democratic Party of America no longer exists. It has morphed into a hard left Marxist party. This happened in Britain in the 1920s . The old Liberal party was destroyed and replaced by the Socialist “Labour” party.

  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    The hourglass of the majority's patience is running out…

  27. Avatar
    appalachian knight

    I can just see the new sign that replaces "Welcome to Minneapolis". It reads "Welcome to the living hell warzone formally known as Minneapolis. Hope you survive your visit!

  28. Avatar

    I would of shot them then asked questions. people are more ready then they think.

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