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Tucker: Media ignore victims to the riots

Don’t their lives matter too? #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. Avatar

    So, far more people of colour have died at the hand of "peaceful" protesters than by abuse of Minneapolis police.
    How does this fact escape BLM and the MSM?
    Silly me. I forgot they aren't interested in fact or truth, just peddling a narrative.

  2. Avatar
    ExTr3m3oyed _YT

    And if you live in a area where theres heavy antifa riots makes sure to arm yourself with anything that you feel will be effective even when in public and in your home

  3. Avatar


  4. Avatar

    Black lies matter. The truth does not.

  5. Avatar

    Civil war, people who think american is okay vs ppl who think life is perfect bc they live in america

  6. Avatar

    Police lives.. non-black lives matter too.

  7. Avatar

    Ha, but we know that the Democrats don't want to know about those victims and we don't hear the Democrats speaking out about these victims because they keep saying everything is peaceful and it's all Trump's fault. As for the so called Celebrities, the majority of them haven't got brain as they are only trying to get some media attention because they think that the public is going to forget them. They are hypocrites.

  8. Avatar

    Bunker Boy has tanked the economy…

  9. Avatar

    The last few months have really shown how stupid, ignorant, oblivious and evil people truly are

  10. Avatar
    morgan macdonald

    I'm glad I stumbled upon Tucker.It's refreshing hearing an opinion counter to the mainstream.

  11. Avatar

    Deep Sympathies for this retired officer and all innocent people who are dying and have died…….NOW..You MEDIA are ignoring the crisis at hand to take over our Country by globalist Marxists, if you are not impotent, get up an shout them down! I was a Marine, and I was planning to live a longer life, but it seems our government and liberal owned media is not interested in preserving our Republic…so we have to roll up our sleeves and lock & load to do it ourselves yet again. We have learned nothing in over 244 years and we are losing the information war as well. We don't plan on losing our nation…but if we do, it will be on media and the left. Wait till they get a load of globalist marxism in the USA…read up on Orwell's 1984 if you want a preview and look closer at the communist history in the world too. It's HERE. WAKE UP.

  12. Avatar

    They are investigating us !!! What can we do ….ugh ugh ……blow up a massive racial devide…fuel that fire…. whatever I don't care what it takes until election……land alien If you have to….. whatever

    We need to buy ourselves time to win the election ….or we will go to Prison!!!!!!

    Democrats panicking…..

  13. Avatar

    "Hahaha, not THOSE black lives, silly"

  14. Avatar

    Tragic! Disgraceful and disgusting!
    ALL lives matter!
    Deepest sympathies to the families of these victims.
    God bless 🙏

  15. Avatar

    The fake news media is responsible for all these innocent people that have been killed. They have blood on their hands. RIP to all the innocent people who were killed by thugs!

  16. Avatar

    For the Dem Party, Black Deaths Matter every 4 year election cycle, and only for those few who die at the hands of white cops.

  17. Avatar

    I call for National Memorial Service for David Dorn! A Nobel African American! Not for a druggy who pointed a gun to a pregnant woman who’s also black.

  18. Avatar

    This is absolutely insane. I used to be a liberal. I voted for Hillary Clinton for Christ’s sake. And now I watch as cnn and the dem establishment excuse anarchists and criminals and ignore the victims of their criminal actions. Seemingly for the sole purpose of making trump look bad so they can regain power by electing their guy, Biden. They can excuse these criminals cause they are insulated from their destruction. If Americans can’t rely on the government to protect their private property then Americans have no choice but to forcefully protect their own property if they want to continue to live in a country that grants citizens the rights to own property. I can’t believe how far the left has fallen when they can’t even stand up for Americans defending their property. They really seem to not mind if we turn into a communist country where private property is abolished. The 2nd amendment has never been so important and I hate guns. But I hate watching anarchists and communists take over our politics and country even more

  19. Avatar

    You know it is turning in to worlds biggest prison, black Americans on one side Asian Americans over there white Americans over here Mexican Americans next block over and when its chow time we have issues. We can end this bs where each shade of Americans police there own and have own schools courts judges teachers and businesses run by your shade should do it. It’s never going to get fixed ever because even a mistake by one race will be takin out of context in the others favor. One person should not effect everyone else but it does.

  20. Avatar

    NYT,Washington post, CNN, MSNBC are trash liberal activist outlets. They are not journalists. They are a disgrace.

  21. Avatar

    Tucker Carlson, you’re the man! Keep up the awesome reporting!

  22. Avatar

    Rest In Peace Mr Dorn and all the others that got killed by thugs.
    God Bless their families 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  23. Avatar

    BLACK LIVES MATTER!!! Riiiiiiiiight smh.


  24. Avatar
    Wilcutt Records

    Then we deport Hillary and make Alec Baldwin, Robert Deniro, and Madonna go back to school and take history classes. We get south koreans, taiwanese, Hong kongeans, and Israelis in here and live happily ever after. We will be the republic of the world!! Conservative racism!? Racism?! Talk about it!! It's awkward that u don't!! 💯 I'm out

  25. Avatar

    Don't even know what to say…so many good people gone now. 😥

  26. Avatar

    Much more respect for him than criminal drug peddler George Flloyd

  27. Avatar
    fuckge orgefloyd

    I hate all people equaly
    No one cares who dies
    Im starting to hate fox as much as i hate CNN . patronizing the masses

  28. Avatar

    What we're seeing here is the payoff for years of constant self-invested rage in the ranks of the Left. This is not Justice… it is merely Catharsis, the same as beating on a punching bag marked with the face of someone or something you deeply despise. Dorn was just as despised by these people, not because he is Black, but because he is "between us and Catharsis". Like a fly on the punching bag.

  29. Avatar

    MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, CBS, ABC….nothing on Dorn. Not one video.
    Black lives matter ONLY:
    …if they’re not cops,
    …if they’re not republicans
    …if they’re not conservative
    …if they’re lock-in-step with the victim mindset assigned to them by the Democrat Plantation and MSM.

  30. Avatar

    MLK said "We shall over come…" He did not say "We shall overrun…"

  31. Avatar

    Every life matters. However liberals only think those born matter. Why they cheer on abortion. Only illegal lives matter. Why they pick them over citizens. Only Democrats killed matter. . Otherwise the rest are lambs to the slaughter. Why I will never vote or be a Democrat.

  32. Avatar
    Wilcutt Records

    One last thing, how many African Americans would stand by and allow crosses to burn in their lawns when they're Republicans again and not handle it right away!? They'd be intimidated?? NO!! But we're still bound to those old infamous democrat memories?? 🤔 Get into it! It matters!! Earn your salary!! PEACE!! ✌

  33. Avatar

    Not a single one of the innocent people hurt or killed in the riots got a single bit of attention, which just shows you this BLM riot was never about anything other than politics to these people. Now they're putting up BLM stuff everywhere still without a care for the innocent lives effected

  34. Avatar

    I agree with all Tucker's points, but I just have to accept lefties will think totally differently.

  35. Avatar

    Lets talk about the “innocent angel” people are rioting for

    1998: 10 months in prison for armed robbery
    2002: 8 months for cocaine
    2004: 10 months for cocaine
    2005: 10 months for cocaine
    2007: 5 years for armed robbery of pregnant woman who was in her home

    And during the day he died he was about to drive a car while being high on meth
    Is this the innocent member of society everyone is rioting about ?

  36. Avatar
    Thy Kingdom Come

    ‘Innocents’ (from all walks of life )die every single day at the hands of incompetent, negligent, people and homicidal// murdering maniacs.

    We don’t martyr or place them on a pedestal?

  37. Avatar
    Robert Williamson

    Slunds like the riotd are more deadly than this fake China virus.

  38. Avatar

    It is just shameful. The liars have a place right next to the commies in hell and my mind.

  39. Avatar

    I am sick of these protests for real. There have not brought us any real good. They have spread the virus everywhere and caused looters and anarchists. Don't defund the police. We need them

  40. Avatar

    If Biden could bow down to George Floyd at his funeral, then why couldn't Biden bow down to David Dorn at his funeral as well? This proves that black life does not matter to him. Only the votes matter to him. Wake up America!

  41. Avatar

    The media is one sided

  42. Avatar

    Bill bar's Republican Party Police. No minorities. No lefties. No accountability. Putin tRump 2020. Grab them by the pussycat.

  43. Avatar

    Black Lives Matter is a scam.

    And I'm Black.

  44. Avatar

    Why does fox only cover news about what other media outlets are or aren't covering. It's like the only research they're doing right now is watching other news channels lol.

  45. Avatar

    This isn't about racism; never was. This is about people taking advantage of errors that took place long ago, having very little to do with what's actually going on today.

  46. Avatar
    Debbie Damiano Billirakis


  47. Avatar

    CBLM. “Certain Black Lives Matter”. They’ve been exposing themselves big time that they’re too stupid to even realize.

  48. Avatar

    Tucker is the only man on tv making sense

  49. Avatar

    Black lives matter. But the stats are pretty clear.
    BLM is not an organisation serving humanity and even less the cause they claim to serve

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