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Tucker: Media hates Trump with an all-consuming mania

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host discusses the Hunter Biden story and media bias.

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  1. Avatar
    James P. Gutekunst

    Your complicit Tucker in the deaths of thousands of Americans.. You haver blood on your hands for supporting this charlatan. I know you get your show from your writers but please look at the pain and suffering of the COVID victims. Stop worrying about poor Mr. Trump being picked on……. He's killing people!!!

  2. Avatar

    Unfortunately it is war !

  3. Avatar

    Tucker is the only person in the media calling out these dishonest criminals in the media. Thank you Tucker.

  4. Avatar

    of course media hates trump, their owners are on the other side. trump has only murdoch.

  5. Avatar

    Beware the wolf in sheeps clothing.

  6. Avatar

    Sky News Australia is good too. Fox and Sky news Australia giving the world hope. TRUMP 2020

  7. Avatar

    NOTHING will come of the FBI investigation. Remember this, the FBI have had that laptop since December, 2019, and sat on it. They ONLY started an investigation after this story became public via the New York Post article. So, they will go through the motions of an investigation and just like the other fake Trump investigations will eventually turn to dust. The current FBI is a CORRUPT ORGANIZATION and needs to be GUTTED, starting with the FIRING of Christopher Wray. The corruption runs deep. Remember that the criminal behavior of Peter Struck, Lisa Page, Prosecutor Rosenstein were NEVER indicted and are laughing with NEW Washington, D.C. jobs. Notice that the news media has not told us where they wound up working today!!!

  8. Avatar

    Just vote Trump!

  9. Avatar

    Anyone else think Julia is a man lol….

  10. Avatar
    TheWrong Question

    Top vid. Thanks

  11. Avatar

    trump hates a mask to cover up his handsome face. does he look at a mirror when he is in hat?

  12. Avatar

    Sucker Carlson, abandon ship. The Trump titanic is going down.

  13. Avatar

    Why did it take the NY Post story to get the FBI to actually start investigating?

  14. Avatar

    Unbelievably stupid is a perfect description for the left

  15. Avatar

    I asked my Hate-for-Trump filled co-worker if the Hunter Biden laptop fiasco was a hoax. He replied with " OF COURSE IT IS"

  16. Avatar

    If Trump somehow wins, it will be the end of democracy in the USA. He’s already said he won’t leave after 8 years.

    No president has ever broken the rules of the US constitution like Trump has. 1 Lafayette Park – Barr ordered federal troops to open fire on peaceful protestors and the press 2. Federal troops in Seattle – Seattle has its own resources to deal with civil unrest. Local authorities objected to trump sending in unmarked federal troops. Their jurisdiction was limited to the federal courthouse but they moved outside their jurisdiction and arrested people without probable cause! They should be charged with kidnapping! 3. Weaponizing the DOJ to prosecute Trump’s enemies (Cohen) and trump stopped the DOJ from prosecuting his allies (Stone, Kelly). There are many other examples of Trump defying our constitution! If you support the US constitution you can not support Trump!

    Trump’s coronavirus behavior is completely irresponsible! It is not a hoax! Everyone who has said so should be terribly ashamed because there is no better proof than the fact the hospitals are full in several US states! HORRIBLE Leadership! The Trump Administration has the blood of over 200,000 Americans on their hands! Projections for January, if we keep going like we are, the number of dead will double! We will have a half million dead Americans before the end of January!

    Democracy is under attack globally and Trump is Putin’s biggest success story! Every American should know why Manafort is in prison and what Kelly confessed to. Donald Trump is a traitor to America and an enemy of the American people! Please stop being gullible! Please stop listening to Fox News and OAN! You are being deceived and used!

    I’ve been a Republican over 40 years but I voted for Biden. No, he’s not my first choice but he is a lot better for America than Donald Trump. This should not be happening in the USA! Don’t let it happen! People who support Trump are being deceived, lied to, and USED! Trump is more guilty of promoting socialism than anyone else in America’s history! Farm subsidies are socialism! Trump is a disaster for America! Please know who you are supporting. Please don’t believe the lies!

  17. Avatar

    Evan Haitians don't want to live in Haiti.

  18. Avatar

    the fake news media , is going so far as to post fake or lower and dropping lowere stock market feeds too.

  19. Avatar

    Or maybe Donald Trump just really SUCKS!! You overfed, dweeb.

  20. Avatar

    Russia doesn't care about the USA, or like Trump. Our media is dumb AF. For Gods sake Hunter is on audio and video committing the crimes.

  21. Avatar

    So the media lies HOWEVER fox media does not. Starts off with trump has been treated like no other president has…meanwhile the very news media that attack Obama. Media is media. Fox and other outlets report bias media that better suits their beliefs… let's stop it

  22. Avatar

    Trump Cult Unite!

  23. Avatar

    It would be very awkward and weird to watch CNN tell the truth 😬

  24. Avatar

    The three biggest threats to America…
    1. biden
    2. china.
    3. The mainstream media.

  25. Avatar

    I’m just shocked the comments section was left open😳

  26. Avatar

    Hey tucker how come you don't mention trump has been bankrupt 13 times and has 23 failed business venues, and he owes millions to other countries. this is the reason he is so desperate to stay in office because next year when his loans are due he will do favours for them countries. in other words he is BROKE.

  27. Avatar

    The Left are ''The Creed of Ignorance and the Philosophy of Failure and the gospel of Envy, and the equal sharing of misery''

  28. Avatar

    I want reporters to follow around lobbyists.

  29. Avatar

    What do we DO!! Just had an discussion with my daughter who cannot see from this POV. Only sprouts what these false reporters sprout. Please will the real people stand up???

  30. Avatar

    This is disgraceful. It’s clear that the media has been bought and paid for.

  31. Avatar

    joe the puppet

  32. Avatar

    I don't know if Rudi can sue them for calling him a Russian asset but he should. I think shifty schift is probably a foreign asset though and Biden.

  33. Avatar

    trump will win

  34. Avatar

    Four years of this nasty sh*t and Trump is still up and running (literally)! RESPECT !!


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